And Action! (Tentative Plans)

Here are a few things I want to do with this site in the first year:

  1. Watch all of Pixar’s movies and rank them after Luca’s release. (This is going to be hard because C’mon! It’s Pixar! How do you rank high quality films accurately?!)
  2. Continue my Disney Sequel series. (You can find my Lion King sequel reviews and review for Kronk’s New Groove on Instagram.)
  3. Watch as many new family and superhero releases as possible.
  4. Review the Live action Disney remakes and rank them.
  5. Continue watching through Dreamworks Animated movies. (This was something I began last year. You can find all previous reviews on Instagram.)
  6. To do as many themes as possible. (For a list of themes, please see the Features tab on the Home page.)
  7. Continue watching through Star Wars and Harry Potter and rank them. (I started this last year)
  8. Watch and the MCU movies and rank them.
  9. Try at least one new genre (movie or TV show outside my comfort zone.

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