Dare to Compare, Sequels, Two Cent Halloween

Dare to Compare: Willy Wonka Edition

Both movies revolve around the same story: Willy Wonka, a mysterious chocolate factory owner, hides five golden tickets in five ordinary Wonka chocolate bars for five children to find. The prize is a tour of the chocolate factory and a secret prize to be disclosed later. Four of the children are rotten to the core while Charlie manages to stay out of trouble and wins ownership of the factory.
Who’s bright idea was it to have Tim Burton remake this movie?! The original was full of color and was fun to look at. The remake is darker, the colors are muted, and the life’s drained out of a movie that’s supposed to be fun.
I love love love Johnny Depp, but this wasn’t isn’t his best role by a long shot. Gene Wilder owned the role of Willy Wonka. No one else’s performance can come close!
The entire cast from the original is better than the one in the remake. The original doesn’t follow the book. I’ve been told the remake does, but I don’t care! The original is still better. It’s extremely rare that I prefer a movie that doesn’t closely follow its source material.
The two movies actually have similar runtimes, but the remake feels like it drags on forever while the original feels short and sweet in comparison. The original is meme central and quotable. The remake only has one good line. (See next slide.)
The remake obviously has better affects than the original. Special effects have come a long way since 1971. Because of this, I like the Violet Blueberry scene better in the remake. The remake has a few heartwarming moments towards the end, and then, THANK YOU, JESUS! The credits roll! The original is clearly better in nearly every way! THE END!

The Last Mimzy is a strange story about a future civilization saving themselves from complete ruin by sending a stuffed bunny into the past to collect pure DNA to save them.
Noah (Chris O’Neill) and Emma Wilder (Rhiannon Leigh Wryn) find some strange toys on the beach. Playing with these toys gives them special abilities like increased intelligence, telekinesis, and physic abilities. With the help of Noah’s science teacher Larry White (Rainn Wilson) and his physic Buddhist fiancee Naomi (Katheryn Hahn) the kids have to send the last mimzy back home before she and her civilization die.

This is one of the strangest little movies that I’ve ever watched with a magic system wrapped up in astrology and Buddhism which would make this movie a no-go for conservative Christian families. It’s got an interesting story that’s hard to follow in places. And it’s fun seeing Dwight Shrute and Agatha Harkness act like a married couple. That was the best part. I got ET vibes especially with the emotional attachment between Emma and Mimzy. This movie is fun, but it’s mystic mumbo jumbo make it a mixed bag of a film. Watch at your own discretion.

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