Two Cent Halloween

Holiday Traditions Vol. 1

Humans and monsters don’t mix until a toddler accidentally finds herself in the monster world.

An old favorite. It easily cracks my Top 10 Pixar movies list and is somewhere in the top 5. If Emperor’s New Groove was Disney’s buddy cop movie, this is Pixar’s. It’s fun, funny, and heartwarming. The cast is fantastic. John Goodman and Billy Crystal bring their A-Game. My favorite scene has always been the one where Mike and Sully take Boo and run away from Randall using the doors to do it.

It comes with one of my favorite childhood memories.

When I was 6, Dad came home from work with a blue VHS tape and the fixings for Ice cream sundaes. My friend Emily was allowed to come over and we watched Monsters Inc together. Best night ever!
We Scare Because We Care

Here’s a fun fact: My brother studied animation through the @animationmentor program. One of his mentors was David Tate. He’s been with Pixar since the beginning, and he worked on Monster’s Inc and the short that comes before it, For the Birds. It’s fun to spot David’s name in the credits. I was more starstruck than my brother was! 😂

Tomorrow is my birthday. So this is recycled from last year and posted early.

3.5/5 A fun prequel but pales severly in comparison to the amazing original. Billy Crystal and John Goodman return as Mike and Sully respectively.

Monsters University focuses on Mike and Sully as college students. (They met in first grade in the original so big continuity error) Randall makes an appearance as a geeky misfit and friend to Mike which was fun to see.

Both Mike and Sully are unlikeable at first. Mike is a know-it-all and extremely self-focused. Sully is also self-focused and a jerkish jock sliding by on his family name. The best thing about this movie is their character development and budding friendship.

Watching this got me excited for Monsters at Work debuting next year on Disney Plus.

A fun movie that’s definitely worth a watch!

Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon) is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, but he’s tired of the same old thing as the song goes, and believes he could be so much more. While out for a walk, Jack comes across three doors, one of which has a Christmas tree on the front. He chooses that one and enters into a bright, colorful world than the black, white, and orange world he’s always known.
He learns about something called Christmas, and takes his newfound knowledge back to Halloween in the hopes of recreating Christmas and taking over the role of Santa Claus! But things go horribly wrong, and Jack learns that his place is in Halloween Town being the Pumpkin King because no one can do Halloween like he can!
Stop-Motion is not my thing. It’s my least favorite kind of animation, but Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is the exception to the rule. It’s a surprisingly fun and quirky story with catchy songs. I loved the story about misfit skeleton Jack and could relate to him trying to find a place where he belongs. I highly recommend this one! It can be watched as a Halloween or Christmas movie.

“What’s This? What’s This? There’s Color Everywhere! What’s This? There’s White Things In The Air! What’s This?” ~ Jack Skellington

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