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Sweet Right Here Book Review

Hattie Sutton has the worst luck with men. Her bio dad’s a dud, every man’s she’s loved has left. After her second engagement ends, she moves back to Sugar Creek for a job setting up a horse therapy program for veterans at Miller James’s farm. Once a childhood friend, now a total dreamboat with the potential of being something more, Embers turn to flying sparks, but Hattie is hesitant to risk her heart one more time.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! It’s Jenny’s BEST YET! Which isn’t saying much because all of her books are great.
This book’s got everything:

  1. A return to Sugar Creek.
  2. Ex CIA agents Sylvia, Frannie, and Sexy Book Club return in full hysterical force.
  3. A swoon-worthy romance. (Nothing more than kissing. This isn’t the kind of book that would make it onto Sylvie and Frannie’s book list. Don’t worry.)
  4. A bookshop. (I need more scenes here. Thankfully, this is only book one.)
  5. Horses named after commedians I shouldn’t even know the names of, but Mom raised me right.
    I loved this book so much I didn’t want it to end. It was hysterical in places, heart string tugging in others.. I highly recommend it! Now, I want a Miller James clone, a bookshop, and book 2 of this series. Not necessarily in that order. I know I’ll get book 2, and Lord, if you’re reading this, a hot guy and a bookshop would be nice too.

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