Detective Pikachu and 2¢ 2022 Plans

Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) and aPikachu (Ryan Reynolds) who’s an aspiring detective team up to look for Tim’s father, Harry, and to discover the reason for Pikachu’s amnesia.

Ryan Reynolds rocks as Pikachu! Think of it as Deadpool-lite for the kids. It’s funny and enjoyable even if you’ve never been involved with anything Pokémon related before. Heavy on the fun and action. Light on the language and adult humor. “I can can feel it in my jellies” that this a good flick. I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel.
PS. One year later: Are we ever getting a sequel?

Despite how difficult this year has been, some good things did happen:

  1. Designed and launched twocentmoviereviews.com
  2. Reviewed a movie for an up and coming Hollywood film director (Seriously. I’m still reeling from this one.)
  3. Read and reviewed Advanced Reading Copies from two of my all-time favorite authors Jenny B. Jones and Sylvia Mercedes, and I proofread for Sylvia.
  4. Got my first job as a book reviewer for Clean Reads Magazine.
  5. Participated in multiple book cover reveals.
  6. Got invited to guest on a Christian animation podcast, politely refused due to my laptop being crap, but offer is still on the table.
  7. Met a bunch of wonderful people who made my 2021 survivable.

Happy New Year! 🎉 Below are a few goals for the site in 2022:

The 2¢ Adventures in Odyssey Project. I’ve always wanted to listen to Adventures in Odyssey from beginning to end. I‘m going to attempt just that in 2022.

12 movie reviews a month minimum.

The return of 2¢ 31 Days of Halloween, 2¢ 25 Days of Christmas, and 2¢ Valentines.

May the Force be with you Star Wars Event in May.

More animated movie reviews.

Review one movie in a genre I don’t usually watch.

Watch as many new family friendly releases as possible.

TV Show reviews

Book and Manga Reviews

Personal Goals:

Write a short story for publication in an anthology.

Write a book or screenplay, or both.

Start laying the groundwork for several future projects.

Write a short Christmas story.

Longterm goals:

Earn press credentials

Get screeners

Attend a movie festival even if it’s only virtual.

Build a space to uplift and spotlight disabled critics and creatives.

Make as many connections in the film community as possible.

Start a youtube channel.

What are some of your 2022 goals?

~ Bree

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