2¢ Christmas

Holiday Transition

Tom Popper’s (Jim Carrey) life is turned upside down when his dearly departed dad sends him one final gift: A penguin. When trying to send the pest back, he finds himself with five more penguins instead! Six pesky penguins threaten to derail his career, but could be what’s needed to the Popper family back together again.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins is perfect for when you want to watch a Christmas movie without really watching a Christmas movie. It’s funny and sweet. It’s Jim Carrey at his best. A movie full of comedy gold. Plus, Clark Gregg stars as the movie’s villain. It’s interesting to watch him in this role after spending years watching him play good guy Agent Coulson in the MCU. I own this one, but you can watch it now on Disney Plus.

Rise of the Guardians is of my all-time favorite movies! I don’t watch nearly enough. Technically this isn’t a Christmas movie, but it has Santa in it so I’m counting as one. Plus, it’s my site, and I can do what I want! I wrote this review last year, and my thoughts haven’t changed a bit since the last time I watched it. I’d only add that Jack Frost is the hottest animated boy ever! And reiterate that Chris Pine has the kind of voice I could listen to forever. ♥️ Now, Dreamworks, where’s my sequel?!

In 2012, the Avengers assembled on our screens for the first time. That same year another team was formed: The Guardians. Jack Frost, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa, and Sandman came together to defeat Pitch and restore the belief in magic in every child worldwide.

5/5 EASY! One of Dreamwork’s most underrated films EVER! Beautifully animated, an interesting plot with awesome characters. It’s just as good as anything Disney has released in recent years, but it’s a movie rarely talked about. The cast is amazing. Alec Baldwin is unrecognizable as the voice of Santa. Jude Law plays a fantastic villain! And as a side fangirl note, Chris Pine has the kind of voice I could listen to forever. ❤️ This movie is totally worthy of a sequel, and it’s such a shame it wasn’t given one! I’d be the first in line for a ticket if that happened!

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