2¢ Christmas

Prep and Landing Shorts and Christmas Ice Age Special

Wayne is passed by for a management position at Prep and Landing and must continue to play the field prepping homes for Santa’s safe arrival. Much to his chagrin, he’s paired with rookie Lanny. Wayne’s sour mood threatens the entire Prep and Landing operation. Because of this, Timmy’s house is almost skipped. Wayne has to pull his big elf pants up to work together with Lanny and save Timmy’s Christmas!

I love this short! Grumpy elf in office sitcom style show is up my alley. I wish they’d done a full blown episodic show with this. It would’ve been awesome. A new 4 episode season every December would’ve been nice!

Wrong Poster supposed to be Secret Santa

Wayne and Lanny are sent on a mission by Mrs. Claus to retrieve a gift for Santa. The gift is in his office. They need to get in and get out without being caught or risk being put on the Naughty List.

A sweet and funny elf-sized short. It’s amazing how a complete story can fit in only 8 minutes. See it on Disney Plus.

Wayne and Lanny must save Christmas once again. They team up with a Coal Brigade elf, Wayne’s brother Noel, to keep a Fruitcake Conduct Calculator out of the hands of jinglesmell1337. Noel and Wayne don’t get along, and need to find some way to work together before they ruin Christmas for everyone!

I haven’t come across a Prep and Landing short I haven’t enjoyed. My only complaint is that there’s not more of them! Watch now on Disney Plus.

An Ice Age Christmas Special? Count me in!

When Sid breaks Manny’s sacred family Christmas Rock, he lands himself on Santa’s Naughty List. Peaches, Crash, and Eddie convince Sid to join them on a mission to find Santa to:

  1. Prove to Manny that Santa exists
  2. To get Sid off the Naughty List

This short was so funny! It’s classic Ice Age Christmas Style. The entire cast from the movies returns in this laugh riot of a short TV film. Don’t miss it! I’m sorry I didn’t watch it sooner. Available now on Disney Plus.

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