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Santa Clause Trilogy; Arthur Christmas and Fred Claus

From Tool-Man Taylor to Santa Clause…

After Santa Claus falls from the roof to his death, and a little begging from his young son Charlie (Eric Lloyd), Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) reluctantly puts on the Santa suit. This enacts the Santa Clause, and Scott inherits all the responsibility and the appearance of Santa whether he wants the job or not!

I always forget how good this movie is until I watch it again! A modern Christmas Classic and a Must Watch during the holiday season! It’s one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies! I use too many exclamation points!

It’s not often that a sequel is just as good as the original, if not better than the original. But there’s no such thing as a sequel slump for The Santa Clause 2!
This time around the Mrs. Clause is in play and Scott Calvin must get married or lose his job as Santa plus his son winds up on the naughty list! 😮Say it ain’t so!

The Santa Clause 2 is full of fun and laughs! No one does it quite like Tim Allen can do it. The man is something special and always a joy to watch! A Definite Must for Holiday viewing!

Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) tries to balance family life with his Santa responsibilities all while to keep Jack Frost (Martin Short) from taking over Christmas!

This movie is fun. This used to be my favorite of the trilogy, but I didn’t enjoy it as much this time around for some reason or other. Martin Short steals the show as Jack Frost. My favorite part of the movie starts when the Escape Clause is enacted and we flashback to the original Santa Clause with Jack and Scott fighting for the Santa suit. The entire third act of the movie is golden. It’s not as good as the two that came before it, but it’s still fun to watch. See it now on Disney Plus.

Once a protective older brother, Fred Claus (Vince Vaugn) feels overshadowed by his younger brother Nick (Paul Giamatti). (Yes, the one you’re thinking of.) Fred grows to hate his younger brother, and becomes as much a sinner as Nick is a Saint.

After getting thrown in jail, Fred begs Nick for bail money, but Nick has another idea: Fred comes to visit and work at the North Pole to earn the money.
It couldn’t be a worse time to visit since an efficiency expert has dropped in with every intention of closing the North Pole down. Just when it seems like Christmas will be cancelled, Fred steps up and saves the day!

I forgot how good this movie is! It’s so funny! The comedy is balanced by heartwarming and heart string-tugging moments. A fun spin on the oft-told Santa tale. Stream it now on HBO Max.

After a child’s gift has failed to be delivered, Santa’s son Arthur (James McAvoy) is determined to get her present to her on time so that she doesn’t think Santa forgot about her. It’ll take every ounce of worry he’s got to make it to Gwen on time!

5/5 Arthur Christmas is one of my favorites! It’s so much fun, and Arthur is a really relatable character. Anxiety ridden, klutzy, and completely lovable and totally deserving of the role of Santa by movie’s end! It’s a must-see!

Favorite Quote: “I have to worry! It’s the only thing I’m good at!”

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