2¢ Christmas

Christmas Specials and End Of Year Wrap-Up

An evil snowman threatens to shut down the toy store and Scooby-Doo and the gang are on the case!

This was more fun than any 22 minute special had any right to be. And a monster that’s actually scary. The snowman shape shifts into a spider. It’s freaky! This special is really enjoyable! Stream it now on HBO Max

Elsa and Anna are sad over their lack of Christmas traditions so Olaf sets off to collect as many Christmas traditions as possible.

The longest short EVER! Super cute with more songs than are necessary for 22 minutes, but it wouldn’t be Frozen without them! (But did Kristoff really need his own song! No, he did not!) Not so short but very sweet. A nice addition to the Frozen franchise. Stream it now on Disney Plus.

My favorites of 2021 in TV, Movies, Manga, and books.

This brings to an end the first annual 2¢ 25 Days of Christmas Event.

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