2¢ Valentines

Netflix Romcoms Vol. 3

Another Valentines Day themed event, another Netflix romantic comedy.

Noah Centineo and Laura Moreno star as Brooks Rattigan and Celia Lieberman in a Netflix Original that’s actually pretty good.

After a semi-successful stand-in date with bratty Celia and desperate to make money for college, Brooks teams up with his best friend to create a dating app where he acts as a stand-in for girls in need of a date. Part of his services include transforming himself into whatever the girls could ever want or desire via costumes and personalities to match. After fake dating for a while to make their dream significant others jealous, romantic feelings became involved complicating Brooks and Celia’s original plan.

This movie was really fun and enjoyable. Super formulaic, but still fun to watch. I loved seeing Laura Moreno play a bratty and unlikable (at first) character that was different from her goody two shoes types she played on the Disney Channel.

Netflix loves casting Noah Centino in their romantic comedies. He’s basically giving a copy and paste performance in these movies except there’s a very slight difference from his other characters: He’s a jerk to his dad. Ooh. Major deviation from the usual. Makes this movie so different from the others. (If you can’t tell this is sarcasm). Dear Netflix, while I’m not up to date on young actors, I’m sure there are other attractive young actors out there. Find them. Cast them. I’m begging you. Seeing Noah play the same type of character is boring. Find something new for him to play or MOVE ON!

This movie is rated TV-14, the equivalent of a PG-13. The off-color language is frequent enough to earn it its rating, and makes The Perfect Date a little less perfect. It’s a cute movie worth seeing once.

The last summer before Elle (Joey King) heads off to college. It’s a summer of bittersweet endings including the last friend list for Lee (Joel Courtney) and Elle to complete and the last time at the Flynn’s beach house. In an effort to make this the best summer ever, Elle stretches herself to thin and risks losing everyone and everything she cares about including her relationship with Noah (Jacob Elrodi 😍😍😍)Not every story has a happy ending. Or does it?

The third act was hard to sit through. The writers screwed around with my Happy Ending. I didn’t appreciate it!

This was an almost perfect ending to the Kissing Booth trilogy. I’ve got mixed feelings about how the movie ended. It kinda ends well. Not a huge fan of the big time skip at the end especially not after what could’ve been an emotional ending. I mean if you’re gonna make it heartbreaking, at least have the decency to stick with it to the end. And this is just nitpicking, but I didn’t like Elle’s short hair in that last scene. She looked better with long hair. And if they were gonna end the movie with a time skip, they could’ve at least ended it with them kissing, but no!

I have mixed feelings about this trilogy as a whole. They’re not the best movies. The first one especially was a trashy-lite teen flick, but they’re not the worst movies either. And they did get better as they went along. These movies are kinda like sugar. It’s not the best thing for you, but it won’t kill you either. These were fun to watch. Steam them all on Netflix.

Salon owner Izzy (Laura Marano) and her fellow stylists get the chance to go to Lavania and be put in charge of hair and makeup for Prince Thomas’s (Mena Massoud) wedding. The prince is being forced into an arranged marriage, but ends up falling for Izzy instead. It’s a battle between Royal duty and true love. Which will win?

This movie gave me Princess Diaries vibes. I LOVED IT! It was cute. It was actually funny (which is rare for a Netflix romcom). It was really sweet. Izzy’s two friends, Destiny and Lola, were so funny! It’s easily my favorite Netflix Original.

So far I’m the only one who gave The Royal Treatment 5 stars on Letterboxd. I loved it and thought it was cute. My unpopular opinion strikes again! As it so often does. Oh well! I’m a sucker for sweet romances with happy endings. I haven’t had this much fun watching a movie in a while. It’s perfect for the entire family. Stream now on Netflix.

I’m thinking about adding exclusive manga reviews for series like Fairy Tail, Bleach, and Black Clover to the site, but I’m not sure yet.

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