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Calculated Book Review and April Plans

Jo Rivers is gifted with numbers. She can calculate anything anytime anywhere. She’s essentially a human calculator. Her story quickly turns tragic when she’s kidnapped and forced to work for the world’s largest human trafficker. Her luck goes from bad to worse when she’s thrown into prison for a crime she didn’t commit. She wins the trust of the guards and moves up through the ranks until she can make her escape. She eventually ends up in a position to put an end to Madame’s trafficking operation and stop a worldwide economic crash. You know normal teenage stuff!

This book was AMAZING! It reminded me a lot of shows like Chuck, Arrow, and oddly enough, One Piece. (Must be because of the wise older mentor Red who influences Jo similar to how Shanks influences Luffy.) And it’s also the coolest and most original version of Joseph.

Full of fast-paced action and adventure, and still there manages to be time for a sweet romance! Jo is the best example of a strong female character that I’ve seen in a long time. Main characters aren’t often my favorite characters. Jo’s one of the exceptions. The best part is Calculated is being adapted into a movie that will be written by Anne Peacock, the woman behind The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe adaptation. So the movie’s in good hands! I couldn’t recommend this book more! READ IT!

Earlier this month I auditioned for a Korean kids cartoon on Tiktok. I highly doubt anything will come of it, but it was fun. I’ll be looking into classes and training in the future because I want to do more of that kinda thing. I say future because next month is already packed! If you want to see the videos, both are available @captainstark18.



I plan on participating in Camp Nanowrimo. I don’t plan on completing anything, but I do plan on starting one or more projects out of the many I have planned. Even if it’s something as small as character names, plot ideas, whether for future or current projects, a paragraph of notes and character development here and there. Things will be written.

Reviews for both movies and books will be coming and this site will once again be active. The ARCs are piling up and reviews need written. Plus, this will be the last of Netflix for a while so the first week and a half of April will be dedicated to Netflix Originals. I say awhile because I plan on applying for Netflix screeners at some point.Ive read that if you don’t have a Netflix account, but get screeners, you’re given an account for free. So that’s what I’m hoping I can do. Plus there’s an anime series my brother and I are watching that I want to finish.

I also want to get back to my Adventures in Odyssey project. I reviewed one album and fizzled so I need to get back to that. I’ve spent the last couple of days scheduling all my Facebook page stuff for the entire month so hopefully, I have a little extra time to tackle all this.

Plus I really should get started on my TBR for work. If anyone has clean mystery/ cozy mystery recommendations for review, let me know! I need to finish compiling my TBR for our next two magazine issues!

What are your goals for next month?

~ Bree

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