Wish Dragon and Vivo

In this Aladdin retelling with an Asian flavor, Din has three wishes from a wish dragon to try to get his old childhood friend Li Na to fall in love with him.

Wish Dragon is fun and cute. Perfect for families with a lesson about what is really important in life like family and friends. It’s a bit darker towards the end and may be too intense for younger children. Originally meant to be shown in theaters, it is now a Netflix exclusive. The Alladin story is originated in China and this movie brings the story back to its Chinese roots. It’s a fun movie, but I prefer the Disney version.

Andrés and his kinkajou Vivo have always been an inseparable musical duo. Then Andrés dies before he can reunite with the love of his life and share one last song with her. Vivo teams up with Gabi to deliver André’s love letter, his final song.

Sony’s Vivo is as heartbreaking and funny as all the Disney movies that come before it. It was AMAZING! And a bit soul crushing. As always Linn Manuel Miranda delivers on the music and gives an amazing performance as the title character. I laughed. I cried. It moved me, Bob. Another movie moved exclusively to Netflix due to the pandemic. Because of the wonderful combination of story, animation, and music, Vivo deserved and was robbed of a theatrical release. Stream it now!

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