Recs from Friends: Stranger Things and No Good Nick Season 1

When Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) mysteriously disappears, his mom, friends, and Police Chief Hopper (David Harbour) turn the town Upside Down to look for him. Even when most of the town believes Will’s dead, Joyce (Winona Ryder) knows he’s alive and is hell-bent on finding her son no matter the cost to her reputation. Add in a weird girl with superpowers named Eleven (Milly Bobby Brown) and a plant demon monster officially called a Demogorgon and you have a cool action-packed show.

I have a friend who sings this show’s praises often so I finally decided to check it out. (I think she’d move to Hawkins if she could! 😂)It’s one of Netflix’s most popular originals and has a large following and hype surrounding it. Every once in a while a show is worth the hype it’s given, and Stranger Things lives up to its popularity.

It’s a horror/sci-fi/mystery set in the eighties and is a breath of fresh air when it comes to current year television. It is rated the television equivalent of PG-13 and has issues worthy of its rating like language, a little violence, and one teenage sex scene (Nothing graphically shown onscreen). It’s little scarier than I normally go for, but I enjoyed it! I don’t recommend watching right before bed, and it’s definitely not for kids! It’s a fun show for adults who grew up in the eighties or for those of us who grew up on eighties entertainment in general.

Quick opinions: Hopper and Joyce belong together.
Jonathan and Nancy > Steve and Nancy

Nick ( Siena Agudong) plots and schemes her way into an unsuspecting family’s home pretending to be a down on her luck relative in order to run a long-term con to get her dad out of prison.

This show was recommended by a friend. The first season is a lot of fun, and is as close to an old-fashioned family sitcom in our current culture as we are going to get. Sean Astin Melissa Joan Hart are the sitcom parents I didn’t know I needed! The first season is funny and wholesome. A rare gem in Netflix’s catalog. Check it out!

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