2¢ After Dark

Mrs. Doubtfire: A 2¢ After Dark Reintroduction

Two years ago, when I first started writing movie reviews, Mrs. Doubtfire was the first one I wrote. It wasn’t long. barely had complete sentences, and wasn’t very good. In those two years my writing has greatly improved and there are some reviews I want to rewrite, hence the name, Review Rewind. I also want to expand my content beyond family friendly reviews to include movies and shows aimed at an older audience while still keeping family friendly reviews the focus of my site. These reviews will be labeled 2¢ After Dark.

When Daniel (Robin Williams) and Miranda’s (Sally Field) marriage ends, she wins sole custody of their children until he can get his life back on track. This includes finding and keeping a job and providing a suitable home environment for his children. Desperate to see them every day, Daniel goes undercover as Mrs. Doubtfire, an English housekeeper, and applies for the position. Immediately winning his ex over, he’s hired, but it’s going to take some time for the kids to warm up to the strict housekeeper. And it’s going to take a miracle for Daniel to keep his secret, or he’s in danger of losing his family forever.
This movie is so funny! It’s one of Robin William’s best. It’s one of my all-time favorite movies. One on a short list that never gets old and makes me laugh every time I watch it.
Mrs. Doubtfire is a comedy classic of the 90s that due to what would now be considered offensive jokes would never be made today. The movie, while centered on a family, isn’t very family friendly. There’s language and innuendo throughout. Most parents will want to save this one for when their kids are older. It’s a great time for teens and adults. You can stream it now on Disney Plus.


This isn’t the first time I’ve used the designation 2¢ After Dark for one of my reviews. The first time was about a year ago when I reviewed Venom in October for my Halloween Event. Venom isn’t a movie I consider to be for children or even family viewing, so I came up with 2¢ After Dark so that I could review edgier, more adult-oriented fare. This way I wouldn’t be limited to only family friendly programming.

Family Friendly entertainment will still be at the heart of my 2¢ brand, but this will allow me some much-needed wiggle room to expand my content aimed at teen and adult audiences.

I will only be reviewing the titles I’m comfortable with and don’t plan on wandering too far away from what I hope to be my main audience someday: families. 2¢ After Dark will focus on adult oriented sitcoms, dramas, more hardcore superhero titles, and movies that have more adult humor and content than what families, specifically Christian Conservative families would be comfortable with. Below is a short list of shows and movies I plan to review under 2¢ After Dark in the near to distant future:

Venom 2


Once Upon A Time

Arrow and other Arrowverse shows

Everybody Loves Raymond

Christian Bale Batman trilogy

Only Murders in the Building

Good Omens

Among hopefully many others.

I look forward to bringing people more articles and reviews and seeing my hobby grow into something more. I hope you stick around.

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