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Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Review

After the their popular show Chip n’ Dale Rescue gets canceled the once inseparable chipmunks part ways. Dale (Andy Samberg) clings to his fame by attending comic cons and Chip (John Mulaney) sells insurance. Things are anything but chipper when the estranged friends must once again team up to find their old costar Monterrey Jack who’s been kidnapped by an aging and bitter Peter Pan (Will Arnett).

I’ve never watched an episode of the original cartoon, but this movie was fun! It full of cheesy jokes and was overflowing with Easter eggs. My favorite scene involves Paul Rudd at a comic con promoting his new movie Aunt Man. Ugly Sonic also makes an appearance, Christian music star Steven Curtis Chapman voices Baloo for some reason. Odd casting choice but it works. And it’s always amusing when childhood cartoons swear. Chip n’ Dale not necessarily family friendly anymore! Gadget the mouse and Dipper the fly have kids which means an abomination of nature was committed. Overall it’s an entertaining movie that should at least be watched once.

I couldn’t think of another movie more perfect to pair with Rescue Rangers than Roger Rabbit. Especially since people usually compare the two on social media.

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