Class of 2022 Rom-Coms: Marry Me

Pop star Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) is set to marry the love of her life, Bastian (Meluma), onstage in front of thousands of her closest fans. But before the wedding, Page 6 reports Bastian has cheated on her, so in a moment of what most would consider to be insanity, she “marries” math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), a random stranger from the audience.
To save face after her mental breakdown, Kat and Charlie stay married for publicity reasons only. Over time, they start falling for each other, but reality and different life situations try pulling them apart. Do they have what it takes to make their publicity stunt of a relationship last? Spoiler alert: Yes, and it’s wonderful! ♥️

Owen Wilson and J-Lo are one of the oddest pairings, a rom-com odd couple. I would never have thought to put these two together, but it works! Marry Me took a bit for me to get into, but I completely in love with it by the end!

It’s rated PG-13. There’s occasional language and a closed-door sex scene, you see nothing. The movie starts with Kat singing My Church and dancing seductively onstage in a nude skintight bodysuit with backup dancers dressed up as nuns. The comparison of a romantic relationship with Christianity will be considered offensive to Christans (not that Hollywood cares). Personally, my least favorite scene and song in the movie. (The rest of the songs were great.) There was nowhere to but up from there! Fun for teens and adults, but not a movie meant for young children. You can stream Marry Me on Prime Video and Peacock, NBC’s streaming service.

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