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Doctor Who Spooky Review: Midnight and Vampires of Venice

I’m making this a traditional thing with mini reviews of creepy Doctor Who Halloween or Halloween-esque episodes.
Series 4 Episode 10

Midnight: In this companion-lite episode Ten (David Tennant) boards a train for a tour of the hostile planet Midnight. Everyone loses cell service forcing everyone to talk to each other. Ten quickly befriends the other passengers onboard. It isn’t long before things go horribly wrong and an invisible monster invades killing the driver and causing complete chaos onboard. It possesses the body of Sky Sylvestry causing her to repeat everything that everyone is saying doing. This drives everyone to madness that they go as far as trying to kill both her and the Doctor!
I like this episode better than Blink Oops! It’s an interesting look at human nature and how quickly we can turn on each other when we feel threatened.

Series 5 Episode 6

Vampires of Venice: Eleven (Matt Smith) take Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) on what’s supposed to be a romantic trip to Venice. Things quickly become dangerous when they discover that young women are being tricked into higher learning and being turned into Vampire fish monsters so that their civilization can survive!

This is a really fun episode and one of my favorite Eleven episodes considering I’ve never liked vampires. Fun, funny, and a bit intense. A good reminder that the show was left in excellent hands after David left.

Both episodes will be a bit intense for younger children. You can stream both episodes on HBO Max.

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