Summer Movie Watching Program

Favorite Childhood DCOMs Vol. 1

Jessica Olsen (Danielle Campbell) gets dragged along on her starstruck sister’s quest to track down pop star sensation Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight) Jessica and Christopher cross paths multiple times and end up on the run from the paparazzi. She learns that there’s way more to Christopher than his celebrity persona, and he rediscovers how to function like a normal human being when the cameras aren’t around.

I’m reminded that not every Disney star should’ve been handed a musical or singing contract (How the heck did Mitchell Musso get a record deal?! Why?). I don’t know why Disney thought if you can act, you can also sing. And even if you can’t sing well, we’ll get someone to do it for you. Aside from the title song, Sterling Knight doesn’t sing any of the songs, but hey, he can act and is cute! Two out of three ain’t bad I guess!

This movie is fun and cute. It was one of my favorites as a kid. I enjoyed it so much I bought it. Now 11 years later, the beginning is slow and harder to get into. Once the movie gets going, it’s funny, and enjoyable and the romance is sweet. It’s still one of my favorite DCOMs. Leaves me feeling nostalgic, and I don’t know why because being a teenager sucked, but at least the movies were fun and the boys were cute to look at. Stream Starstruck now on Disney Plus.

Carter Mason (Selena Gomez) and Rosie Gonzales (Demi Lovato) couldn’t be more different. Carter’s a tomboy. Rosie’s a princess. Two completely different girls from two completely different worlds. When Rosalinda’s country is attacked and her mother taken hostage, Major Mason (Tom Verica) rescues her and forces her into the Princess Protection Program. Carter and Rosie are thrown together when Rosie moves in with the Masons. Personalities clash as they learn how to get along. Carter teaches Rosie how to be a normal teenager, and Rosie teaches Carter that there’s more to being a Princess than crowns and fancy dresses.

Princess Diaries meets secret agents in Princess Protection Program, one of the best DCOMs when I was growing up. I enjoyed rewatching this even more than Camp Rock! Demi and Selena are at their best here playing characters who don’t get along even though they were best friends at the time (Their actual friendship shines through in several scenes). And Disney is at their best when making princess movies. This is my favorite DCOM that isn’t a musical or involve a pop star in any way. It’s almost too bad we never got a sequel. But why mess with perfection. You can stream it now on Disney Plus.

Favorite quote: “I am not a fool. And she cannot make something out of me that I am not.”~ Rosie

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