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Halloween DCOMS Vol. 1 Twitches and Smart House Reviews

Alex (Tia Mowry) and Camryn (Tamera Mowry) are twin witches separated at birth for their own protection against the Darkness. They’re adopted by two different families, and through a little magical interference from their protectors, are reunited on their 21st birthday. They discover they have magical powers that are stronger when used at the same time. They must work together to save their homeland Coventry and themselves from the Darkness before it destroys everything and everyone they love.

I enjoyed this movie. It’s one Disney Channel’s better originals. Tia and Tamera are awesome together as always. This is basically Sister Sister with magical powers. They even meet at a clothing store like they did in Sister Sister.

Families are going to find the witchcraft in the story hard to navigate. Some are going to find it harder than others. Some will understandably want to avoid it altogether. Others aren’t going to be bothered by it. The magic involved is Bewitched level effects, though in my opinion, Bewitched did it better in the 60s than Twitches did in the 2000’s. The Darkness is meant to be scary and it has its moments, but I’ve watched Doctor Who episodes that were scarier in comparison. In the end, every family has to decide what’s best for them to watch.

SPOILER ALERT The Darkness is actually the twins’s evil Uncle who’s jealous that his brother had everything that he felt that he deserved. Together the twins use a combination of love and light to defeat him. There’s a great message about light and love being needed to defeat the darkness, but some families aren’t going to want to watch Twitches in order to get to the good message at the end. You can it now on Disney Plus.

In 1999, Disney Channel released a little sci-fi/fantasy movie called Smart House not knowing that in 2022 automated homes would be a reality. This concept was considered futuristic and probably impossible back in the 90s. A bit far-fetched for people to comprehend. Something you’d find in the Jetsons rather than something you would find in real life. Naturally, this isn’t a Halloween movie either, but it’s sci-fi, and even though it’s a bit outdated, I’m counting it!
Ben (Ryan Merriman) wins a completely automated Smart House run by an operating system known as PAT (Katey Segal). He hopes that this will deter his widowed father from marrying again since PAT will prove to be all the wife and mother that they need. He even programs her to act like a sitcom mom from the fifties. Things seem to be fine until PAT develops a mind of her own and tries to completely take over the Coopers’ lives.

Smart House was fun! An outdated concept, but still worth watching. It’s hard to believe that this is a Disney Channel Original movie. There’s no magic and it’s not a musical. This is one of the best DCOMs I’ve watched. It’s a fun story but also deals with a more serious topic. In this case it’s a teenager dealing with the loss of his mom, and his selfishness toward his dad for wanting to find love again. It makes me want to watch more older DCOMs. You can stream Smart House now on Disney Plus.

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