2¢ Christmas, Sequels

The Santa Clauses

Scott Calvin’s (Tim Allen) magic is failing. After some encouragement from his wife, he takes it as a sign that it’s time to retire after nearly three decades as Santa Claus. The family hasn’t spent Christmas together in years and Scott feels he needs to be home with his family so he begins his search for his replacement. He settles on Simon Choski (Kal Penn) for the position and him and family settle for a normal life in Chicago. But Simon quickly turns out to be the wrong choice for Santa with his Christmas Every Day plan and turning the North Pole into corporation effectively killing Christmas spirit. Things go from Bad to worse when elves start disappearing.

Bernard the elf (David Krumholtz) makes his long-awaited return to talk some sense into Scott in the hope that he’ll come back to the North Pole and reclaim his role as Santa before Christmas is destroyed forever!

I loved this mini-series! The original Santa Clause trilogy are some of my all-time favorite Christmas so it was great to see the story continue with some great new characters including Scott’s daughter Sandra played by Tim Allen’s daughter Elizabeth. The series wasn’t as good as the original movies, but I rated it 5/5 because the last two episodes were the best and earned it that rating. The episodes got better with each release in general and I’m so glad Disney decided to greenlight this. Guess Tim wasn’t completely cancelled after all. ♥️ They apparently liked it so much that this limited series got renewed for a season two. I CAN’T WAIT!!! A great Christmas comedy for the entire family. Stream the entire series on Disney Plus!

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