2¢ Valentines

16 Wishes

Abby’s (Debby Ryan) Sweet Sixteen is off to a sour start. Enter a birthday wish granting fairy with 16 magical birthday candles. Each of the candles corresponds with a wish on Abby’s wishlist she’s been making since she was 8 years old. Things go great and she gets everything she dreamed of until she makes a wish that leaves her with unintended consequences. She has until Midnight to figure out how to fix things. If not, all the granted wishes, both good and bad, will become permanent. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

This movie is cute and fun. It has a 13 Going on 30 meets Click vibe to it for the teenybopper crowd. Unlike the two aforementioned movies, 16 Wishes is completely clean. No language or anything else inappropriate Perfect for young teens girls. You can stream it now on Tubi.

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