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50 First Dates

Up next on Things I watch when my parents aren’t home: 50 First Dates.

Henry (Adam Sandler) is a chronic commitmentphobe who flies through women like some people fly through kleenex. Then he meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore) and it’s practically love at first sight. Unbeknownst to him, she suffers from short-term memory loss and her memories of him are gone by the next day. Deciding that she is the one he can’t live without, he finds creative ways to make her fall in love with him every single day. It’s the more romantic version of Groundhog Day. Rodents not included.

50 First Dates is a really cute movie. It’s funny, but has it’s emotional moments as well. As fun as this was it isn’t without its issues. There was some sexual content that was unnecessary to the overall story. Most of it was sexual humor I didn’t find all that funny. The movie would’ve survived just fine without it. There’s one-to-black sex scene. There’s some language including several uses of hell, damn, dammit, shit, shithead, bitch, numb nuts, ass, asshole and several misuses of God’s name. A couple birds are flown and I don’t mean tweet tweet.

Much like Daddy’s Home, which I reviewed last year, 50 First Dates is a story with a lot of heart that makes it’s sin’s easier to forgive. You can stream it now Peacock, NBC’s streaming service.

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