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Just My Luck

Ashley (Lindsay Lohan) has been lucky all her life. Everything goes her way. Taxi cabs, job promotions, and hot guys are easy to come by and nothing ever goes wrong. Jake (Chris Pine) is Ashley’s complete opposite. He’s unlucky when it comes to everything, a complete klutz, and everything he touches, instead of gold, turns to crap including his hopes of being a successful manager for up-and-coming band McFly. Thanks to a fortune teller’s interference at a masquerade ball when Jake and Ashley kiss, their fortunes are switched. Ashley’s life is turned upside down, and Jake’s life is finally turned right side up.
When Ashley discovers what happened, she goes on a kissing spree to get her luck back. She’s unsuccessful until she and Jake cross paths again. She falls hard for him and must decide what’s most important: Luck or love? Maybe, if she plays her cards right, and all the stars align, she can have both.

Just My Luck was soooooo cute! It was also the funniest movie I’ve seen in a while and had me laughing out loud several times even when some of the situations were predictable. The tarot card, astrology thing is gonna be a turnoff for some but makes sense and is needed to move the plot forward. It’s like a slightly more mature version of Freaky Friday. If you enjoyed that, you’ll like this too. Plus Chris Pine is always fun to stare at. Looks especially hot with glasses 😍 but that’s besides the point. I totally watched it because he was in it. My only regret was I didn’t watch it sooner. The only issue was the language which included several misuses of God’s name, shit, bitch, asshole, dammit, hell, pissed, and bollocks. You can stream it on Hulu. I think I found a new favorite romcom. 😍

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