2¢ Valentines


Penelope’s a modern day fairy tale based off of Beauty and the Beast. Penelope, (Christina Ricci) is an heiress who, due to an old family curse, was born with a pig’s snout. In order to break the curse, she must marry “someone of her own kind” AKA a fellow blue-blood. Her mother tries finding Penelope a match, but all suitors run at the sight of her.

The only suitor who doesn’t run is “Max” (James McAvoy) a gambler, who in a case of mistaken identity, is pulled into a media scheme to reveal the the Wilhern family secret. They fall in love, but Max beaks it off because he knows he can’t break the curse. In the end, Penelope ends up breaking the curse by accepting herself for who she is not for who others want her to be. The curse is broken, and she gets the guy. A happily ever after all around.

This movie was cute. I really enjoyed it! So much in fact that I bought myself a copy off Amazon after streaming it. It reminded me of Ella Enchanted; it has the same kind of tone and a similar story.

Typical of PG rated movies, there’s a couple “mild” curse words and a sexual innuendo or two, but no major content concerns. It’s a fun movie with a great message about self-acceptance. I recommend it. I better, since I did buy it. 😂

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