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Zootopia Review

Predators and prey naturally don’t get along unless those predators and prey are the stars of a Disney movie.

Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) dreams of becoming a cop and moving to Zootopia where predator and prey live together in harmony. Her parents try to discourage her, but she hops on a train anyway to pursue her lifelong dream. Not even being demoted to meter maid can keep her down for long. Not long after arriving in Zootopia, Judy gets hustled by sly fox, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman). To get back at him, she threatens him with a tax evasion charge unless he helps her to crack the case of missing otter, Emmet Otterton. The two become unlikely allies and friends with crackling chemistry and witty banter that will appeal more to parents than to children.

The closer they get to cracking the case, the more it threatens their relationship with each other due to the mistaken prejudice that predators can’t be trusted and that they’ll revert back to biological impulses that threaten to destroy Zootopia’s utopian ideals. Judy realizes a little too late that she’s become part of the problem instead of the solution, walking away from her career to try to correct her mistake and repair her relationship with Nick. Realizing they’re better together than apart, they team up to solve the mystery and expose the political corruption that threatens to tear their society apart. As all good family movies should because there’s nothing more appealing to a child than stories of prejudice, political intrigue, and societal upheaval.

Zootopia is one of Disney’s best releases in recent years. It’s funny and entertaining, and there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. (Honestly, I wish we’d get more stories like this instead of stories that focus on female puberty, but nobody asked me)The world of Zootopia is huge and you could tell many stories in that world which is why I was so excited when Disney finally announced a sequel after nearly seven years. It’s a fascinating world with amazing characters I can’t wait to revisit! It also has a wonderful message about letting our differences unite instead of divide us, finding the determination to not let anything get in our way of pursuing our dreams, and not judging others soley based off of their catagory and position in society. More stories like this please! You can stream Zootopia now on Disney plus.

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