Out of Print Gems

My Date with the President’s Daughter

They don’t make them like this anymore. No, really. They don’t. After years of trying to find this movie, I finally found it. On Youtube in all of it’s low VHS tape quality, blurry and with heads chopped off out of frame exactly how it was meant to be enjoyed. I’ve wanted to watch this movie for the better part of a decade and thankfully it was worth the wait.
Hallie Richmond (Elizabeth Harnois) wants to live the normal teenage life including the ability to go out on dates. The only thing. getting in her way is that she’s the preident’s daughter with the Secret Service on her tail at all time.
Duncan Fletcher (Will Friedle) is a geeky magician whose friends have dared to find a date for the Spring dance. So he heads to the mall in search of a date. He runs into Hallie who’s run off from the Secret Service, and not knowing she’s the President’s daughter, he asks her out. She agrees and after meeting Presidential approval, they head for the dance, but Hallie’s more interested in a night on the town that includes going clubbing and to the bar. They wind up in more trouble than they both bargained for but end up having the night of their lives anyway figuring they might as well live it up since they’ll be grounded for life when their parents finally catch them.
90’s Disney Channel Original movies did it better. And the guys were cuter too. I loved this movie so much and wish I’d gotten to see it sooner! I wish they’d played this on Disney Channel when I was a kid. I feel robbed! It’s a fun little story that feels more grounded in reality than people bursting into song every few minutes. I’d rather rewatch this than High School Musical or even Camp Rock. It’s a shame it’s Out of Print or I’d buy it. It’s even more criminal that it’s not on Disney Plus! It’s one of the best DCOMs I’ve ever watched and I highly reccommend watching it on Youtube before some idiot takes it down. It’s so worth it!

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