Review rewind


When I first started Two Cent two and a half years ago, it was originally called Quickie Reviews and then Fast Film Reviews. Zoom got a a couple paragraph review back on Twitter in 2020. This is a more expansive upgrade of my previous review originally posted to Twitter and Instagram way before this site ever existed. Enjoy!

What’s a movie from your childhood that you can guarantee no one’s ever heard of? Allow me to introduce you to Zoom. Where else can you see Monica Gellar have a Major League crush on Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor? It’s a sitcom crossover before crossovers were a regular occurrence!

Once there was a group of superheroes including Zoom and his brother Concussion. All was well, until Concussion turned to the Dark Side due to Gamma 13 injections gone wrong, went rogue, and killed off his team, leaving his brother to be the last man standing.

Jack (Tim Allen) is a retired superhero and is living a simple life as a mechanic in the middle of nowhere. He had it all back in the day including the powers, comic books, and the fame to go with them. Now, he’d rather be left alone. Unfortunately, for him, a new threat is on the rise, and he’s dragged out of retirement to train the next generation of superheroes. He’s paired with Zoom-obsessed fangirl and psychologist, Dr. Collins (Courtney Cox) to bring out the best in their four recruits. They don’t have much time to whip their new team into shape before they’re forced to battle against Concussion who’s back to finish what he started 30 years ago and finish Jack off for good. Will this quirky team of misfits be able to save the day? Well, it is a movie meant for kids, so the answer is always yes!

This is one of my favorite Tim Allen movies and one of my favorite family movies overall. I prefer it over similar movies from around that same time like the Spy Kids movies. It’s definitely a product of the mid-2000s right down to the horribly outdated CGI and Smash Mouth soundtrack. It’s super cheesy and super fun. I wish there were more movies like this one! They sure don’t make them like they used to, and I miss it. There’s zero language and a couple of adult jokes and references. It’s a perfect movie to get your kids into superheroes especially if you’re not ready to let them watch the MCU yet. Stream it now on HBO Max.

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