Disney Direct to VHS Sequel Series #1: The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride

This was the first series of articles I started about 3 years ago. I only did 3 and want to restart doing more articles and themes. Most of the review is recycled from when I first wrote it in 2020. My thoughts on the movie haven’t changed since then. I just added a short summary of the film and that’s it. I hope to complete the series this time around. These will usually have two ratings. One for the film itself and the other for how it compares to the original.

Simba’s daughter Kiara is growing up fast and is following in her father’s paw prints when it comes to getting in trouble. She hits it off with Kovu, an Outsider who’s family is loyal to Scar. Because of this, Simba tries to keep the cubs apart.
Kovu’s mother blames Simba for Scar’s death and is busy plotting her revenge. She uses Kovu to try get to get to Simba so that they can kill him. Then Kovu can take his place as Scar’s heir. But all the scheming and overprotectiveness can’t stop Kovu and Kiara from falling in love in typical Disney fashion. Together they can reunite the pride, unless Zira’s thirst for revenge and Simba’s pride get in the way.

As a sequel, I give it 5/5. This is one of the best of the bunch. The animation is great and only pales slightly when compared with the original. The story is good. There are several standout songs including We Are One, Love Will Find A Way, and my personal favorite, The music gets me every time I hear and within the movie’s context, meaning not just listening to the song on YouTube, it’s a powerful scene. I loved Kiara and Kovu. I enjoy Jason Marsden in everything I’ve seen/heard him in. And Pumbaa and Timon as always are a riot. If Lion King was Hamlet, Simba’s Pride is Romeo and Juliet.

Compared with Lion King, I’ll give it a 4.5/5. It’s not quite as great as Lion King, but still is a worthy sequel. Too bad it was sent straight to video and not given a chance in the theater. As I said before the animation only pales slightly in comparison to Lion King. I like the Villain Zira, but compared with Scar, she’s all bite and no style like Scar had in the original. Upendi was my least favorite song. I found it annoying and it definitely doesn’t hold a candle to Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

All in all Lion King 2 is very enjoyable movie, and I will be watching it again in the future!

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