Peter Rabbit Review

🎵 Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail 🎵

Peter (James Corden) often finds himself hopping into trouble and dragging his family along with him! During their latest raid of Mr. McGregor’s garden, Peter thinks that he’s finally managed to finish the man off. His untimely demise means that that the Cottontail clan can finally reclaim the land that they feel rightfully belongs to them and their animal friends along with enjoying free rein of the house that comes with it.

But their paradise is soon threatened when Mr. McGregor 2.0 moves in and carries on the family tradition of animosity towards all woodland creatures particularly those with cottontails. Romance is in the air when Thomas (Domhnall Gleason) ends up falling for the rabbit-loving girl next door, Bea (Rose Byrne).

It’s Man Vs. Rabbit in a battle of both wit and will. There’s a fine line between love and hate and they just might cross it. They’re going to have to reach some kind of understanding before they end up losing both their home and the woman they love.

Peter Rabbit is a great comedy for the entire family. I’ve watched it several times and I’ve never understood why I like so much. Maybe it’s the comedy. Maybe it’s the romance and getting to stare at Domhnall Gleason for an hour and a half. Maybe it’s a perfect blend of the two, but it’s always fun one to rewatch. There’s no content issues for parents to be concerned about unless the violence caused by or aimed towards CGI bunnies bothers you. You can rent Peter Rabbit from any online retailer.

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