Hop Review

There’s more Halloween and Christmas movies than can be counted, but Easter often gets the short end of the holiday classic stick. Thankfully, Illumination is here to fill the void with Hop and to prove that the studio has more to offer than minions.

Fred O’Hare (James Marsden) and EB (Russell Brand) are both slackers and family disappointments in their own right. Fred struggles to find and keep a job and lacks a solid direction for his life, and the teenage Easter Bunny in training has no desire to take on the family business of delivering candy the children of the world. Instead, he longs for the bright lights of Hollywood and a career as a drummer much to dear old dad’s dismay.

When Fred nearly runs EB over, he’s forced to take him in until he recovers. After the shock of playing host to a talking candy-crapping bunny wears off, the two unlikely friends team up to pursue their dreams and save Easter before the Easter bunny’s right-hand chick Carlos (Hank Azaria) can sink his greedy little claws into it and destroy Easter as they know it!

I love Hop and always have. It’s my favorite Illumination movie other than Despicable Me. James Marsden is an expert at acting alongside characters that aren’t even there and gives a great performance every time he does it. Hop is easily one of my all-time favorite movies and one that makes me laugh every single time I watch it! There’s two misuses of God’s name, and EB makes a stop at the Playboy mansion in a funny scene that hopefully goes over kids’ heads. Other than that, it’s the perfect Easter movie for families. You can rent Hop online from any online retailer.

“Hey, if we change a few details of the Santa Claus story and add a magical Egg of Destiny and toss in some teenage angst, do you think anyone will notice?” ~ the screenwriters probably.

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