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Sitcom Corner: Home Improvement Season 1

Home Improvement is one of the BEST shows on the planet! Hands down! It easily would make a list of my top 10 favorite sitcoms! It’s too bad they don’t make shows as good as this anymore. Tim Taylor is the host of his own home improvement show Tool Time. Though how he got to be the host, I’ll never know. He’s the last person that should ever be let loose with a set of tools. Though to be fair, his constant screwups are often the result of his never-ending quest for more power! And the other screwups are because he’s extremely accident prone and his frequent visitor card to the ER gets punched on a regular basis. All while his far more competent co-host Al looks on often in bewilderment of how Tim got his own show and not him. He also finds himself along for the ride in Tim’s schemes and is often the target of many of Tim’s insensitive yet funny jokes. (If you’re the viewer that is!)

The best episode featuring their relationship this season is when Al mistakenly believes that what Tim does is easy. The two switch places causing hilarious yet disastrous results for Tool Time. They realize that they’re better off in their original roles and switch back. Despite all the teasing and screwups, the two actually are good friends and are there for each other whenever they need to be.

The show gets off to an explosive start in one of the best pilots of all time when Tim powers up the dishwasher against Jill’s wishes. The pilot was great at establishing what the series was about and unlike many other shows I feel like Home Improvement hit it’s stride immediately and you believe that the Taylors are a real family right off the bat. Despite their frustrations with each other, Tim and Jill love and respect each other at the end of the day explosive appliances and burnt out oil lights and all. They’re also a great team when raising their three boys Brad, Mark, and Randy.

This show had some of the best child actors in the business! I’ve always loved all of them. Though honestly Jonathan Taylor Thomas has always been my favorite. He’s so funny and manages to steal every scene he’s in! (No crush or anything as I wasn’t born for half of the show’s run and missed the JTT craze by a mile). Unfortunately, the boys aren’t given much to do for the first couple of episodes, but they have a lot of great stuff this season like everything that Brad and Randy do to torment Mark like telling him he’s adopted or that they’re not actually his brothers but aliens from outer space! Other great moments include them working together to take down a bully, or Tim attempting to teach the boys manners. There’s never a dull moment at the Taylor household! As they get older, they each get their own major storylines. They’ve already started this by giving Brad his first girlfriend. I’m looking forward to tracking things like their character development and how Tim and Jill’s relationship progresses throughout the series.

The main question Home Improvement attempts to answer the question of If men and women are so different how can they stay together? To try to help answer this and many other questions their next door neighbor Wilson is alway ready to listen and offer advice while keeping his face partially obscured behind the fence. There are a few times he comes out from behind the fence. Three times this season in fact! Once as Santa, another when runs intoTim on the hiking trail while him and his family are camping. And one last time at a bar while Tim and Jill are slow-dancing. It’s amazing how they were able to naturally keep his face covered each time! As often as Wilson doles out advice, Tim just as often gets that advice mixed up and confused and is another long-running joke for the series.

I’ll also list each of my favorite builds, guest stars, and accidents over the seasons:

For season 1 favorite accidents include Tim dying his hands green, gluing his head to a table, overpowering the vacuum, and blowing up the dishwasher.

Favorite guest star/reoccurring character are the boys from K&B Construction. The Cooking on the Job Site is my favorite Tool Time segment as well, and the tool band segment. Last but certainly not least is the makeover of Tim and Jill’s bathroom!

Season one also introduced a continuing storyline of Tim’s rivalry with fellow Tool Man Bob Vela and his first of several hot rod building projects.This season is full of so many great moments it’s impossible to list them all. All the episodes are great. It’s a season full of hits and no misses. The writers were that amazing! I’m excited to rewatch my favorite series. No matter how many times I watch it, it never gets old, and never fails to make me laugh!

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