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Sitcom Corner: The Nanny Season 1

No one has more style or flair than Fran Fine! When her near-fiancé Danny dumps her for Heather Biblow., Fran quits her job at the bridal shop for life as a door-to-door saleswoman. She ends up on the doorstep of broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield. She’s actually let in by his butler Niles, and she walks into more than she bargained for! She’s mistaken for the next candidate of Nanny for Mr. Sheffield’s three children. A position she’s completely unqualified for at least in his eyes.

She quickly proves herself useful when she refuses to fall for Brighton’s nanny scare tactics and calls him out on his schemes. But it’s gonna take a while to prove herself where Mr. Sheffield is concerned. He’s not a fan of unconventional yet effective methods. She’s loud. She’s obnoxious. She clearly doesn’t fit into Mr. Sheffield’s fancy upper crust world, but maybe she’ll be just what this family needs if he gives her a chance. Or multiple chances as the case may be.

She manages to break through Maggie’s shell and gives the shy young heiress a makeover that inspires newfound confidence and forces her father to realize how fast his little girl is growing up. He’s completely against her being in any kind of relationship or kissing boys, but he reveals a double standard when he’s proud of Brighton for having his first kiss at only 11 years old. Thankfully, Fran pushes against that and tries to set him straight. She is just the right combination of mother figure and cool older friend that Maggie needs to survive adolescence with an overprotective father.

Grace and Brighton also get their chance to shine this season. Because of Fran’s motherly influence, Grace is able to let her imaginary friend go though she blames Fran for Imogene’s untimely demise! Lesson learned: never accidentally eat your young charge’s coping mechanism! Or when Fran steps in as the perfect substitute that allows Gracie to participate in the mother/daughter beauty pageant. This further cements Fran as a vital part of the Sheffield family.

Brighton gets caught smoking after taking Fran’s childhood story the wrong way. She scares him back on the straight and narrow when she forces him to spend time with her Grandma Yetta. He’s also developed an interest in girls and makes out with Fran’s cousin every chance he gets! But more often than not he’s the thorn in the side of both of his sisters. But he isn’t able to get away with much with Fran around and unlike with previous nannies, she earns his respect. To the point where he refuses to stick around and say goodbye when Fran almost leaves to get married to her slimeball fiancé Danny. Ah! I love good character development!

One of the things this show is famous for is the relationship between Fran and Mr. Sheffield. It’s something that’s hinted at and given some great foreshadowing in Stop the Wedding I Want to Get Off where Maxwell and Fran ponder the unfairness of two people in love being kept apart because of their station in life. The spark between them is clear to Niles who constantly frustrated towards Maxwell’s oblivion about the obvious. The relationship between the two is the bane of his assistant C.C.’s existence! She would like nothing more than to have Maxwell to herself and send the kids off to boarding school.

Niles is always quick with the quips and gets on her nerves constantly either poking fun at her lack of a sex life or making Fran and Maxwell’s relationship sound way more serious and sexual than it actually. C.C. gives as good as she gets and the two constantly go back and forth trying to outdo each other with their antics! Their animosity towards each other is one of the best things about season 1 and the show in general! It’s gonna be interesting to track these relationships to see how they develop over the course of the series.

The Nanny is one of the best sitcoms ever made, but it’s definitely not meant for younger children despite its younger cast members. Much of the humor is very adult and sexual in nature. Season 1 is great and I don’t think there’s an episode I didn’t enjoy! Also Fran’s style is iconic and her bathrobe collection is extensive. Most of the style budget probably went towards her collection. I don’t think I saw a repeat robe once this season!

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