Out of Print Gems

Flora and Ulysses

Comic book fan and self-proclaimed Cynic, Flora (Matilda Lawler) rescues a squirrel from certain death out of her neighbor’s vacuum. She soon discovers that her new squirrel pal has superpowers. Little Ulysses soon proves that he’s more trouble than he’s worth when he escapes Flora’s backpack and wreaks havoc in the donut shop leading to animal control being hot on Flora and her dad’s tail due to the belief that Ulysses has rabies.
Flora’s separated parents don’t agree over how their daughter’s new friend should be handled with dad taking the side of both daughter and sentient squirrel and mom determined to rid her home of the unwelcome pest before it destroys her career as a novelist any further. The little beast may have superpowers, including the power of flight but his biggest superpower and the heart of his mission seems to be acting as the glue that holds Flora’s fractured family together.

This movie was really cute! It’s funny, and a perfect non-Marvel superhero movie for families, especially with younger children. It’s a heartwarming super-powered tail who’s only crime committed was in almost making me cry. And important sidenote: Ben Schwartz playing a dad wasn’t something I knew I needed! 😍 Catch this little gem before it disappears forever from Disney Plus on May 26th!

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