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Magic Camp

Andy (Adam Devine) has traded in dream of being a magician for the glamorous job of taxi driver. Roy Preston (Jeffery Tambor), the owner of the Institute of Magic, pops in to try to convince Andy to return to the place where his dreams were destroyed to be a camp counselor for the Summer. This means that he’ll be expected to work alongside his former partner-turned+nemisis, Kristina Darkwood (Gillian Jacobs).
He’s put in charge of a group of complete amateur oddballs and misfits and is expected to sharpen each kid’s magical skill in time for the camp’s annual Top Hat competition. Everyone has something to prove, but their deck of cards might come crashing down before the competition starts!

Magic Camp was super cute and extremely funny! It’s one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a sweet story that’s a little predictable at times, has that typical Disney ending, but is still really fun to watch. It’s like Camp Rock without the singing and better actors. Catch it before it vanishes without a trace from Disney Plus on May 26th!

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