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Everyone knows the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet, but no one know about the bitter ex-girlfriend that accidentally set off that chain of tragic events that led to the untimely end of everyone’s favorite star-crossed lovers. Until now.

Rosaline (Kaitlyn Dever) and Romeo (Kyle Allen) are madly in love after a secret 3-day courtship. The two plan to go to the masquerade ball together, but Rosaline’s father sets her up for a potential arranged marriage with Dario (Sean Teale). Unfortunately, Rosaline misses the ball which paves the way for the famous story we all know. Once she realizes that Romeo has fallen head over heels for her cousin Juliet (Isabela Merced), she goes to great and hysterical lengths to reclaim what was once hers. (I don’t know why she bothers because Dario looks like a younger Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time and is clearly the better option in every single way, but nobody asked me so I’ll shut up now.) It’s the Shakespeare fanfiction I didn’t know I needed with a happier ending.
I loved this movie so much! It was so much fun! Kaitlyn Dever shines as Rosaline, and it’s great to see her career continue to take off after Last Man Standing. It was also great seeing Minnie Driver as her nurse. Maybe that’s why this movie gave me Ella Enchanted vibes since she plays Mandy, a very similar character to Nurse Janet.

Innuendo, Several uses of hell and shit, several misuses of God’s name and one misuse of Christ, ass, and one well- placed F-bomb.

Make the greatest of haste to Hulu before it is deleted from the service forever on May 26th, never to see a see a physical release, since Disney hates both making extra money and the consumer willing to fork it over. I may be slightly bitter. Ok. A lot bitter. Screw the Mouse!

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