Brianna Dawn

2¢ Movie Reviews

I’m a 20 something movie critic and TV junkie. My favorite genres are family friendly movies and Superheroes. I’m currently obsessed with Doctor Who, Classic sitcoms, and am always up for a Marvel movie.

I started 2¢ Movie Reviews over on Instagram on August 1, 2020. I’d write a sentence or two on my thoughts about the movies I watched. Shortly after, I started writing several paragraph-long reviews, and creating graphics to go along with them.

I’ve decided to do much of the same on this website and create more content that is more detailed and in need of more space than Instagram can provide. This includes writing longer reviews that you won’t find on Instagram, Movie and TV rankings, and End-of-Year movie lists for my favorite, least favorite, and most anticipated movies for the New Year.

I hope you enjoy my content.