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Sweet Home Alabama and It Takes Two

Melanie Smooter (Reese Witherspoon) is about to get married. The only problem is that she’s still married to her ex-husband Jake (Josh Lucas). Unfortunately for her that means leaving her New York fashionista lifestyle behind for small town hick life in Alabama. Her only goal is to get Jake to finalize their divorce so that she can leave as soon as possible. His plan is to make her miserable. But nothing goes according to plan and their at risk of falling in love again.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH!!! It’s one of my favorites! It’s funny and has one of the BEST kiss scenes EVER!!! Easily one of the best movies to rewatch!

Orphan Amanda (Mary-Kate Olsen) and spoiled rich girl Alyssa (Ashley Olsen) are identical strangers, who after running into each other, concoct a plan to play matchmaker in the hopes of getting Alyssa’s dad and Amanda’s caseworker together before he winds up married to a witchy socialite.

This was one of my first “grownup” movies as a kid. The kind of movie with cursing in it that had mom give a warning that if I started to talk like that I was going to be in trouble. I was a huge Olsen Twin fan growing up and watched everything that I could with them in it. It Takes Two was one of my favorites. It was fun watching it again. I’d forgotten how funny it was! I don’t enjoy it quite as much as I did when I was 8, but I had a good time watching. It’s basically a Parent Trap rip-off plot wise, and a romantic comedy that’s actually funny. Stream it now on HBO Max.

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Disney Valentines Vol. 1

Duchess (Eva Gabor) and her three kittens are kidnapped by Madam’s butler Edger when he discovers that she’s leaving everything to the cats and he’s second in line. Hoping to move up the inheritance line, he dumps them in the middle of nowhere with little hope of survival. Thomas O’Malley the alley cat (Phil Harris) helps Duchess and her kittens to get back to Madam, and ends up falling in love with Duchess in the process. Because cats need love too, and because this is Disney and a cat romance isn’t weird in the slightest!

This is one of my favorite animated Disney movies! The animation is beautiful and in some scenes looks similar to a watercolor painting. The story’s funny, and the music’s great. It’s one of Disney’s more underrated gems.

It was recently announced that Disney is working on a live-action version. (Because they’re lazy and it’s easier to regurgitate another unnecessary remake than it is to create anything original.) It’s supposedly going to be in the same vein as the Lady and the Tramp remake which I miraculously enjoyed. It could be good. It could be bad. It could go either way. It’s undoubtedly an unnecessary waste of time, money, and creative energy. Until then, you can stream the original on Disney Plus.

In traditional 2D Disney Princess fashion, Giselle (Amy Adams) gets nearly eaten by a troll and is rescued by Prince Edward (James Marsden). They sing a duet, fall in love, and she accepts his marriage proposal after a grand total of five minutes or less! Edward’s evil stepmother wants to keep her position as Queen and devises a plan to get rid of Giselle.
Disguised as an old hag, the Queen pushes Giselle down a wishing well that transports her from 2D fairytale kingdom Andalasia to 3D real world New York City. While there, fun-loving romantic Giselle ends up staying with strait-laced, uptight stick-in-the-mud divorce attorney Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his daughter Morgan.

Giselle brings fairytale magic with her wherever she goes including her ability communicate with animals through song and bursting into broadway worthy musical numbers at random. She injects Robert’s life with magic, and he tries to keep her grounded in her new reality. As much reality as he can anyway with an evil Queen and her henchman trying to kill her, and a Prince and talking chipmunk trying to find her! In the end, Giselle’s fairytale ending isn’t anything like what she’s expecting. Sometimes reality is better than a fairytale.

Enchanted takes several elements from Classic Disney movies like the old hag and poisoned apple from Snow White, the dragon from Sleeping Beauty, and the missing shoe and Ball from Cinderella, tosses them in a blender, and somehow they ended with a fantastic movie by the end of it! Enchanted has been one of my favorite movies since it first came out. It’d been years since I watched it, and I’d forgotten how good it was! I love everything about it from the story to the animation, the cast, and the music. Everything is perfect! I can’t wait for the sequel Disenchanted coming out later this year! I’ve literally waited just over half my life for it! Stream Enchanted now on Disney Plus.

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Star Spotlight: Anne Hathaway Vol. 1: Princess Edition

15 year old Mia (Anne Hathaway) is in for the shock of her life when her estranged grandmother Queen Clarisse Renaldi (Julie Andrews) comes for a visit, and drops a major bombshell: Mia’s recently deceased father was the Crown Prince of Genovia meaning that Mia is Princess of Genovia and the next in line for the throne.
Mia is the furthest thing from Princess material and has to suffer through Princess lessons, a makeover, and having her bodyguard Joe (Hector Elizondo) along with her wherever she goes.
Being a princess is far from easy. Thanks to her Royal status being leaked to the media and a public scandal, Mia considers abdicating the throne before she ever takes it! She has a major decision to make: stay a normal teenager or accept her destiny as Princess.

The Princess Diaries was based on the series of the same name by Meg Cabot. I’ve never read the books so I have nothing to compare the movie to, but I’ve always loved the movie. It’s one of my all-time favorites! It’s so much fun to watch no matter how many times I’ve seen it. It’s funny and chock full of great quotes!
It’s also the reason why Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews are a couple of my favorite actresses. Can someone please get on the ball with Princess Diaries 3?! It was announced forever ago, and I’d prefer if they’d film it while the entire cast was alive! Stream it now on Disney Plus!

At birth, Ella (Anne Hathaway) is cursed with the gift of obedience. She must obey anyone that gives her a direct order. Her mother dies, and her father remarries a good for nothing rich woman with two spoiled brats for daughters. It isn’t long before the evil stepsisters figure out Ella’s secret and use it against her.
Loosely based on Cinderella, Ella Enchanted is a modern update on the classic fairytale featuring magical creatures not found in the original like elves, giants, and in the movie version based off the book of the same name by Gail Carson Levine, a talking book, and snake for some reason or other. And no Cinderella retelling would be complete without a Prince. Prince Charmont (Hugh Dancy) always seems to find himself in the right place at the right time to save Ella’s life which happens with great frequency.

Prince Char’s uncle is plotting to take over the kingdom, and after learning about Ella’s secret, he orders her to kill the Prince. It’s up to Ella to break the curse and free the kingdom. It’s not like her fairy godmother will do it for her!
Ella Enchanted was one of the first books I remember literally not being able to put down! And I’ve always loved the movie even though some major changes were made to the adaptation including the talking book and snake.
Though with every rewatch I find the snake more useless and annoying, and one of the most unrealistic elements of the movie! Everyone knows the snake can talk, and they NEVER QUESTION IT!!! Why???!! They treat this phenomenon as being COMPLETELY NORMAL!!!

Despite the snake, Ella Enchanted is one of my favorite Cinderella retellings. It’s always fun to watch! Stream it now on HBO Max.

Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) is being held to an an old Genovian law: In order to become Queen, she must marry in 30 days or forfeit the crown. If she doesn’t marry, the throne will go to the next in line: Nicholas Devereaux (Chris Pine 😍😍😍) Mia is prepared to go through with an arranged marriage, but things (thankfully) don’t go as planned!

Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews) is struggling with what she’ll do next after she steps down as Queen, whether or not or future will include her Head of Security, Joe (Hector Elizondo).
Both women have only a month to make some major life-altering decisions.

I always liked this movie, but I enjoyed it more this time around than I remember from last time. It’s got a love triangle and one of my all-time favorite tropes: Enemies to Lovers. While I enjoy the sequel slightly more, the sequel is honestly just as good and is worth the five star rating.
The “I loathe you” scene is iconic, as is the quote, “The Queen is never late, everybody else is simply early.” Watching anything with Chris Pine is always a plus! 😍 Stream it now on Disney Plus

P.S. Disney, Where’s my sequel?! Quit the live action remakes and give me a completed trilogy!

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Netflix Romcoms Vol. 3

Another Valentines Day themed event, another Netflix romantic comedy.

Noah Centineo and Laura Moreno star as Brooks Rattigan and Celia Lieberman in a Netflix Original that’s actually pretty good.

After a semi-successful stand-in date with bratty Celia and desperate to make money for college, Brooks teams up with his best friend to create a dating app where he acts as a stand-in for girls in need of a date. Part of his services include transforming himself into whatever the girls could ever want or desire via costumes and personalities to match. After fake dating for a while to make their dream significant others jealous, romantic feelings became involved complicating Brooks and Celia’s original plan.

This movie was really fun and enjoyable. Super formulaic, but still fun to watch. I loved seeing Laura Moreno play a bratty and unlikable (at first) character that was different from her goody two shoes types she played on the Disney Channel.

Netflix loves casting Noah Centino in their romantic comedies. He’s basically giving a copy and paste performance in these movies except there’s a very slight difference from his other characters: He’s a jerk to his dad. Ooh. Major deviation from the usual. Makes this movie so different from the others. (If you can’t tell this is sarcasm). Dear Netflix, while I’m not up to date on young actors, I’m sure there are other attractive young actors out there. Find them. Cast them. I’m begging you. Seeing Noah play the same type of character is boring. Find something new for him to play or MOVE ON!

This movie is rated TV-14, the equivalent of a PG-13. The off-color language is frequent enough to earn it its rating, and makes The Perfect Date a little less perfect. It’s a cute movie worth seeing once.

The last summer before Elle (Joey King) heads off to college. It’s a summer of bittersweet endings including the last friend list for Lee (Joel Courtney) and Elle to complete and the last time at the Flynn’s beach house. In an effort to make this the best summer ever, Elle stretches herself to thin and risks losing everyone and everything she cares about including her relationship with Noah (Jacob Elrodi 😍😍😍)Not every story has a happy ending. Or does it?

The third act was hard to sit through. The writers screwed around with my Happy Ending. I didn’t appreciate it!

This was an almost perfect ending to the Kissing Booth trilogy. I’ve got mixed feelings about how the movie ended. It kinda ends well. Not a huge fan of the big time skip at the end especially not after what could’ve been an emotional ending. I mean if you’re gonna make it heartbreaking, at least have the decency to stick with it to the end. And this is just nitpicking, but I didn’t like Elle’s short hair in that last scene. She looked better with long hair. And if they were gonna end the movie with a time skip, they could’ve at least ended it with them kissing, but no!

I have mixed feelings about this trilogy as a whole. They’re not the best movies. The first one especially was a trashy-lite teen flick, but they’re not the worst movies either. And they did get better as they went along. These movies are kinda like sugar. It’s not the best thing for you, but it won’t kill you either. These were fun to watch. Steam them all on Netflix.

Salon owner Izzy (Laura Marano) and her fellow stylists get the chance to go to Lavania and be put in charge of hair and makeup for Prince Thomas’s (Mena Massoud) wedding. The prince is being forced into an arranged marriage, but ends up falling for Izzy instead. It’s a battle between Royal duty and true love. Which will win?

This movie gave me Princess Diaries vibes. I LOVED IT! It was cute. It was actually funny (which is rare for a Netflix romcom). It was really sweet. Izzy’s two friends, Destiny and Lola, were so funny! It’s easily my favorite Netflix Original.

So far I’m the only one who gave The Royal Treatment 5 stars on Letterboxd. I loved it and thought it was cute. My unpopular opinion strikes again! As it so often does. Oh well! I’m a sucker for sweet romances with happy endings. I haven’t had this much fun watching a movie in a while. It’s perfect for the entire family. Stream now on Netflix.

I’m thinking about adding exclusive manga reviews for series like Fairy Tail, Bleach, and Black Clover to the site, but I’m not sure yet.

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That’s So Underrated: Meet The Robinsons

Meet The Robinsons has always been one of my favorite Disney movies. Unfortunately, it’s also one one of their most underrated movies to date. It’s a quirky sci-fi/time travel adventure that tends to get lost in the midst of all the princesses and talking animals.

Science whiz-kid Lewis has had 124 adoption interviews and has had to deal with rejection every single time. His plans, to time-travel back to when his mom left him on the orphanage steps and trying to convince her to change her mind, are hijacked by Wilbur who claims to be from the future. He promises to take Lewis back to the past if he agrees to help Wilbur save both their futures before Bowler Hat Guy can destroy Lewis’s hope for a forever family.

Once in the future, Lewis meets Wilbur’s family, the Robinsons, a family full of quirky and unique characters. While spending time with them, he finally feels like he belongs for the first time in his life. They offer to adopt him, but that would seriously screw with the timeline, having his past self being adopted by his future family.

I love how Disney made the best pro-life story ever without intending to! This movie centers around family and the importance of adoption, of being chosen, and feeling like you have somewhere where you belong. Technically, this movie has absolutely nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s one of the best movies about love in general and one of the best choices to end the month on. I can’t recommend this movie enough!

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Netflix Teen Romance Movies Vol. 2

To All the Boys I Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You throws a wrench in Lara-Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter’s (Noah Centineo) new relationship when love letter recipient #5, John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher) enters the picture. This leaves Lara-Jean confused and conflicted over which boy she likes more. Oh, the drama! Netflix tries hard to find their own version of #TeamEdward vs. #TeamJacob, and towards the end you think #TeamJohn is going to win, but #TeamPeter manages to win in the very end. (Spoilers, but this movie has been out for a year!)

The story’s fun. The voiceover still drives me nuts. And the addition of Holland Taylor’s Stormy as a senior fairy godmother was the best part of the movie. She stole all the scenes she was in!

This movie has the same problems: language and an inappropriate sexual reference or two, but nothing major. I can’t wait to see how the story ends on February 12th!

“What? I’m invested!” – Darcy Lewis – WandaVision

Twitter said The Kissing Booth 2 was worse than the original. Twitter doesn’t know what it’s talking about. Either I went into watching this movie with low expectations so that those expectations were surpassed, or it was a better movie I’m not sure which!

Elle (Joey King) and Noah (Jacob Elrodi) are discovering how hard long distance relationships can be. Noah’s been getting close with Chloe (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) while at college. Due to his playboy past, Elle’s not sure she can trust him. Because she doesn’t trust him, she gets close another guy at school, Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez). Meanwhile, Lee’s (Joel Courtney) girlfriend Rachel ( is upset about all the time they have to spend Elle and wants time with him all to herself. The typical teen chaos ensues. Misunderstandings and conflict abound, but they manage to wrap it all up with a happy ending while managing leaving it open ended to lead into the final installment.

Everything about the sequel is better. The acting is greatly improved, and Joey King’s voiceover sounds more natural which made it less annoying to listen to. There’s less language. There is one brief sex scene that you’re in the room for, but you don’t see anything personal. There’s a C plot over halfway through the movie that involves a gay couple. They kiss twice. This will be a problem for some Conservative viewers. The movie’s overall more serious and grown up this time around and may not interest younger viewers.

I really enjoyed it and not just because of any hot actors this time. I can’t wait for part 3!

To All The Boys:Always and Forever finds Peter (Noah Centineo) and Lara-Jean (Lana Condor) in the midst of their hardest decision yet: college. Their plan of attending Stanford together gets derailed after Lara-Jean doesn’t get in. She gets accepted to Berkeley, but after visiting New York for their Senior Trip, she falls in love with all the city has to offer and decides to attend NYU instead. This decision is the breaking point of their relationship, and they go their separate ways.

After some well-timed advice from his estranged father, Peter convinces Lara-Jean to give him a second chance, and it all ends happily ever after.

This movie has a more serious tone than its predecessors. It has the same problems as well: some language and sex reference or two. This time around there’s a brief and well-edited sex scene. You see absolutely nothing explicit, but it’s enough to get the gist. It was refreshing that that happened near the end of the trilogy instead of throughout the entire series.

I didn’t like this one as much as the other two because of the change in tone from lighthearted to serious. A little to dramatic than what I’m currently in the mood for, but it was a solid ending to best Netflix Original movie series I’ve seen so far.

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Dare To Compare and Christian Critique: Valentines Edition + Galentine’s Day Pick: Brave

The Lady and Tramp remake was a pleasant surprise. Despite being a nearly shot for shot remake, it was still enjoyable. I liked how Jim Dear and Darling were actually a bit of character development and a more active role in the story. It’s funnier giving it a romantic comedy feel. These two things were the only improvements over the original. It’s longer than the original, but doesn’t drag on forever like Mulan did.

Several changes were completely unnecessary including gender-bending Jock and changing  the beaver scene by replacing the living Beaver with a beaver statue when Lady and Tramp go to have Lady’s muzzle removed.

Despite replacing the Siamese cats, which are now deemed offensive, with R&B singing alley-looking cats, the original song is still catchier. I get why they changed it. I don’t think it was an improvement. Not bad, even fun, but not improved.

No one has ever animated animal expression like Disney’s Nine Old Men could! The bland CGI animals are definitely NOT an improvement over the original. Because of this, I found the most romantic scene in the movie to be bland and lifeless. The original scene was emotional and made me feel something. I felt nothing during the remade version.

The remake was one of Disney’s strongest of the bunch, but was still no match for the original classic. 

Brave is the often forgotten middle child of the Pixar canon. It isn’t Inside Out or Soul, but it’s a good movie in its own right. Pixar tries their hand at a princess movie and it’s a good one. It stands out from its Disney siblings by not focusing on any sort of romance. Instead it heavily focuses on the relationship between mother and daughter. I love romance, but this story is refreshing and is just fine without it.

Headstrong daughter, Merida and her equally headstrong mother, Queen Elinor, constantly butt heads about everything including whether Merida should get married or not. Merida says no. Elinor says yes. Merida runs off and asks a witch for a spell to change her Mum’s mind. But the spell changes Elinor into a bear instead. They have til the second sunrise to change Elinor back or she’ll stay a bear forever.

Brave is refreshingly different from the rest of their movies. It’s a shame it doesn’t stand out from the pack more. The story’s fun and emotional. The animation is beautiful and realistic especially those waterfalls and backgrounds! And it has a good message about family and you being the one in charge of changing your fate.

The story’s darker in places and might be a bit too much for some kids, and there’s some unnecessary nudity, but this movie should be fine for most families.

Old Fashioned was a response by the Christian community to compete with the BDSM-heavy Romantic fantasy franchiese, Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s no coincidence the two movies were released a week apart from each other so that they could compete with each other on Valentine’s Day and give couples a wholesome option.

I’ve never read or watched Fifty Shades, but I do know enough to know it’s trash. Though it’s trash that countless Christian women enjoyed. I found it fascinating the amount of Christian women that were obsessed especially Christian women that considered themselves conservative.

Clay believes in courtship over casual dating and lives by a strict purity code. So strict, he won’t be alone in the same room with a woman he’s not courting! Amber (Elizabeth Roberts), we’re told in the movie summary, is wild and carefree. We hardly see that side of her onscreen. We’re also told she travels aimlessly with no plans to settle down. Thus, breaking a huge rule in writing, Show Don’t Tell. This movie does that a lot. The most interesting parts of the story are the details you’re told not shown. For example, the few details shared about the pair’s past relationships were more interesting than the actual story.

The acting is wooden though Elizabeth Roberts is a better actor than Rik Sweltzwelder. The main characters are bland and the actors don’t have good chemistry. Because of this, they’re not convincing as a couple. In comparison, the supporting characters, David and Lisa, have better chemistry and better story in the short time they have onscreen. 

I felt that Brad, the sleazy  DJ, was unnecessary, and he was the worst actor of the bunch. He didn’t add anything to the story except they made it extremely obvious that this is the kind of  person you wouldn’t  want to date.

There were a couple of cute moments like Clay and Amber drawing their dates at random from a shoebox, and Amber clogging the sink to get Clay to fix it. 

The last half hour was the strongest. I actually liked it. Amber and Clay both screw up and his Aunt Zella nails him to the wall for acting holier than thou and holding others to an impossible standard instead of extending the same grace that God has given him to others. She also helps him see that he’s worthy of a second chance at love even after all the mistakes he made with his ex.

What it made up for in morals, it lacked in quality. Better writing and acting would have improved this movie greatly, and you could’ve had sexual purity at the core without introducing the concept right up front before Clay and Amber ever got together! 

I understand and appreciate what the filmmakers were trying to do, but they could’ve done it better. They get an A for effort.

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Netflix Teen Romance Movies Vol. 1

Netflix’s original movie, The Kissing Booth, is a movie the Internet loves to hate on, but does it deserve all the hate it gets?

From a critical standpoint, it’s not the best movie made. There’s tomuch voiceover. The acting at times leaves a lot to be desired. Especially at the beginning. Let me put this way: It’s a higher quality movie compared with the Christian High School Musical rip off, Sunday School Musical, but I’ve watched better Disney Channel Original Movies.

The movie gets better as it goes along, and is actually enjoyable by the end of it. I can understand the criticism. It may be a bad movie, but it’s not so bad that it can’t be liked.

From a personal standpoint, I liked it. I’m a sucker for The I’m-in-love-with-my-best friend’s-brother concept.

The story is simple: Elle (Joey King) has had a crush on her best friend Lee’s (Joel Courtney) brother Noah (Jacob Elrodi) since she was little. But because of a lengthy list of rules Elle and Lee created at six years old, rule #9 on the list says romances with family members are off limits.

At first Noah plays the role of Elle’s protective older brother, but their relationship quickly accelerates into something more when they share a mind-blowing first kiss at the Kissing Booth during the school’s fundraiser. They hide their relationship from Lee, but naturally he catches them, and all hell breaks loose.

The Kissing Booth lives up to its TV-14 rating. There’s swearing including three variations of the F-word. Teen partying and drinking, Elle strips down to her underwear almost three times, one of those being while she’s intoxicated. There are several passionate make out scenes, and one fade-to-black sex scene. (Meaning nothing explicit is shown.) This movie is definitely NOT for children, but should be fine for older teens.

I feel like 2.5 is a fair critical rating, and 3 is a fair personal rating. If I let my hormones lead my review, I would rate it higher just based how hot Jacob Elrodi is, but that wouldn’t be professional.


Stay tuned for my review on the sequel next week!

I’ve never read To All the Boys I Loved Before so I can’t compare the book to the movie, so I thought the movie was cute! It starts off slow and is hard to get into at first, but similar to The Kissing Booth, it got more interesting as the story progressed. The only major problem I had with this movie is all the voiceover. If I wanted to know every bit of exposition and thought that Lara-Jean had, I would’ve read the book!

Lara-Jean (Lana Condor) has written a letter to every boy she’s ever had an “intense” crush on including her older sister’s boyfriend Josh (Israel Broussard) and her middle school crush, Peter Kavinsky (Netflix’s Golden Boy, Noah Centino). Lara-Jean’s younger sister thinks she’s being helpful and secretly sends the letters to their respective recipients in the hopes of getting L.J. a boyfriend.

The movie focuses on a kinda- sorta love triangle between Josh, L.J. and Peter. Both boys are quick to tell her they don’t share her feelings. Lara-Jean’s still hung up on Josh and feels nothing towards Peter, but that doesn’t stop her and Peter from fake dating to make Josh and Peter’s Ex, Gen, jealous. Over time, they real romantic feelings that get in the way.

I know this is a terrible comparison, but it’s one I couldn’t help making: To All the Boys I Loved Before is like a teenage friendly version of 50 Shades of Grey. The only element similar between the two movies is that the main couple agrees to a contract for how their relationship will work. Unlike 50 Shades, no sex is involved. In fact there’s a no kissing rule from L.J. and Peter requires her to attend every party, sports game, and the school’s annual ski trip.

Quality-wise, this movie was better than Kissing Booth, but it still had a few issues including some language and a girl at one of the parties asks Lara-Jean how far she and Peter have gone physically. There’s not much here to be concerned about so this movie should be fine for younger teens as well as older.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser was long and boring. It wasn’t a bad movie at all. I wanted to like it, but it wasn’t for me. The plot was cute:

Cheerleader Veronica (Kristine Froseth) gives Jamey (Noah Centineo) unpopular girl, Sierra Burgess’ (Shannon Purser) phone number instead of hers as a mean prank. Jamey texts Sierra, thinking it’s Veronica, and the two start texting and calling on a regular basis.

Veronica and Sierra become partners in crime when Veronica agrees to be the face to the relationship in exchange Sierra helps Veronica bring her grades up. The two become unlikely friends as a result.

The movie had it’s moments. The scene where Veronica forces Sierra to take her place so she and Jamey could have their first kiss was cute. The ending was the best part, but it wasn’t worth the boring beginning and middle to get there. Seeing the credits finally roll was the most exciting part of the movie! I had more fun distracting myself from the long run time by pinning pictures of Chris Pine to my Pinterest board.

There was occasional language and a teen party scene with underage drinking. Other than that, there weren’t any major issues besides near death by boredom.