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Cream of the Crop: Disney Live-Action Remakes Vol. 1: Christopher Robin

With the announcement of a Winnie the Pooh horror movie about to be released, I decided to rewatch the only Pooh live-action reboot that matters: Christopher Robin.

The movie poses the question: What happens when Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) grows up? The answer? He grows up, gets married, has a family, becomes a workaholic, and leaves any wonder and imagination in the past where it belongs. He’s an adult now. There’s no time for that sort of thing, and his friends from the 100- Acre Wood are best left as a distant memory.
But some memories refuse to be forgotten. Pooh (Jim Cummings) wakes up one morning to find his friends missing. Not knowing what to do, he goes to find his old friend Christopher Robin for help. Thinking he’s hallucinating, Christopher refuses to believe his childhood friend is real, then he’s deep to return Pooh home so he can return to his real adult life. It’s up to Pooh and the rest to remind Christopher that it’s alright to be childish sometimes. If he doesn’t, he could risk losing everything important.

This movie is one of Disney’s best remakes, if you can even call it that. It’s more of a continuation. It’s heartwarming and funny. Brad Garrett as Eyore was the perfect casting. Perfect voice for the role and so funny! Another standout was Toby Jones as Piglet. Even better as Piglet than as Dobby. And he was great as Dobby. And it was smart on Disney’s part to bring Jim Cummings back as both Pooh and Tigger as well.

Christopher Robin is the perfect Pooh live-action remake. It’s great for adults while keeping the spirit of the original source material in tact. They can keep that Horror piece of crap. This is the only live-action version I need! You can stream it now on Disney Plus.

Summer Movie Watching Program

Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Review

After the their popular show Chip n’ Dale Rescue gets canceled the once inseparable chipmunks part ways. Dale (Andy Samberg) clings to his fame by attending comic cons and Chip (John Mulaney) sells insurance. Things are anything but chipper when the estranged friends must once again team up to find their old costar Monterrey Jack who’s been kidnapped by an aging and bitter Peter Pan (Will Arnett).

I’ve never watched an episode of the original cartoon, but this movie was fun! It full of cheesy jokes and was overflowing with Easter eggs. My favorite scene involves Paul Rudd at a comic con promoting his new movie Aunt Man. Ugly Sonic also makes an appearance, Christian music star Steven Curtis Chapman voices Baloo for some reason. Odd casting choice but it works. And it’s always amusing when childhood cartoons swear. Chip n’ Dale not necessarily family friendly anymore! Gadget the mouse and Dipper the fly have kids which means an abomination of nature was committed. Overall it’s an entertaining movie that should at least be watched once.

I couldn’t think of another movie more perfect to pair with Rescue Rangers than Roger Rabbit. Especially since people usually compare the two on social media.

Summer Movie Watching Program

Favorite Childhood DCOMs Vol. 1

Jessica Olsen (Danielle Campbell) gets dragged along on her starstruck sister’s quest to track down pop star sensation Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight) Jessica and Christopher cross paths multiple times and end up on the run from the paparazzi. She learns that there’s way more to Christopher than his celebrity persona, and he rediscovers how to function like a normal human being when the cameras aren’t around.

I’m reminded that not every Disney star should’ve been handed a musical or singing contract (How the heck did Mitchell Musso get a record deal?! Why?). I don’t know why Disney thought if you can act, you can also sing. And even if you can’t sing well, we’ll get someone to do it for you. Aside from the title song, Sterling Knight doesn’t sing any of the songs, but hey, he can act and is cute! Two out of three ain’t bad I guess!

This movie is fun and cute. It was one of my favorites as a kid. I enjoyed it so much I bought it. Now 11 years later, the beginning is slow and harder to get into. Once the movie gets going, it’s funny, and enjoyable and the romance is sweet. It’s still one of my favorite DCOMs. Leaves me feeling nostalgic, and I don’t know why because being a teenager sucked, but at least the movies were fun and the boys were cute to look at. Stream Starstruck now on Disney Plus.

Carter Mason (Selena Gomez) and Rosie Gonzales (Demi Lovato) couldn’t be more different. Carter’s a tomboy. Rosie’s a princess. Two completely different girls from two completely different worlds. When Rosalinda’s country is attacked and her mother taken hostage, Major Mason (Tom Verica) rescues her and forces her into the Princess Protection Program. Carter and Rosie are thrown together when Rosie moves in with the Masons. Personalities clash as they learn how to get along. Carter teaches Rosie how to be a normal teenager, and Rosie teaches Carter that there’s more to being a Princess than crowns and fancy dresses.

Princess Diaries meets secret agents in Princess Protection Program, one of the best DCOMs when I was growing up. I enjoyed rewatching this even more than Camp Rock! Demi and Selena are at their best here playing characters who don’t get along even though they were best friends at the time (Their actual friendship shines through in several scenes). And Disney is at their best when making princess movies. This is my favorite DCOM that isn’t a musical or involve a pop star in any way. It’s almost too bad we never got a sequel. But why mess with perfection. You can stream it now on Disney Plus.

Favorite quote: “I am not a fool. And she cannot make something out of me that I am not.”~ Rosie

Blast From The Past, Summer Movie Watching Program

Camp Rock Duology

I was so excited for this movie! When it first premiered, it aired on 3 different channels. We didn’t have Disney channel, but we did have ABC. I able to watch it the night it premiered.

Shy singer/songwriter Mitchie (Demi Lovato) wants to go to Camp Rock, but her parents can’t afford it. All hope is lost, until her mom gets hired as the camp cook.

Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) is serving time at his uncle’s camp after letting the fame of being the lead singer of Connect 3 go to his head. While on the run from obsessed fans, Shane overhears Mitchie singing, but doesn’t know it’s her. He becomes obsessed with finding the person the voice belongs to, but Mitchie’s lies about who she really is might keep him from finding out!

So how well does Camp Rock hold up from 12 to 26?

It was more enjoyable for me to rewatch than High School Musical. The acting was more natural. Since it’s set at a music camp, all of the songs are performed during classes and talent showcases which makes more sense than bursting into a song and dance number in the middle of the cafeteria. But then Camp Rock was always my favorite because I was obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. I’d choose to rewatch this over the original HSM. You can stream it now on Disney Plus.

Shane (Joe Jonas) and Mitchie (Demi Lovato) and the rest of the campers are back for another Summer at Camp Rock, but things are different than last year. Camp Star, a flashier career minded camp owned by Brown’s rival, Axel Turner, has moved in across the lake. Camp Star is determined drive Camp Rock out of business. Things become so competitive between the camps that a Camp Wars is held to determine the winner. Mitchie becomes so laser focused she forgets that the real reason for Summer camp is to have fun.

I enjoyed the sequel just as much as the first. It has some great, and Nick and Kevin get bigger roles this time around. The story doesn’t end like you expect it will, and that’s what I like best about this movie. A good lesson on even if things don’t go the way you want them to, things can still end well or in some cases better than originally planned. Stream it now on Disney Plus.

Blast From The Past, Summer Movie Watching Program

High School Musical Trilogy

High School Musical was one of the biggest phenomenons to come out of Disney, and 12 year old me couldn’t get enough of it. I was obsessed. Until recently I wasn’t aware that this joyful period was such a hardship for my parents to suffer through, but I won’t be apologizing for it. But does the movie hold up from age 12 to 26?

Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) and Troy (Zac Efron) meet at karaoke during their Christmas vacation. They sing together. Sparks fly, and they part ways only to unexpectedly meet again at East High. It isn’t long before nearly the entire class winds up in detention helping prepare for the Winter musical.
Like all high schools, everyone has a group they get stuck in. Troy’s a basketball star. Gabriella’s an academic. Once assigned to a group, they aren’t allowed to leave. They secretly audition for the musical and get a callback much to the dismay of popular snobs, Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) and Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale). Much singing and dancing occurs while the student body fights to make sure that their high school caste system doesn’t collapse.

In the end, the school comes together to stop Ryan and Sharpay from sabotaging Troy and Gabriella’s shot at being cast as the leads. The movie ends in typical Disney fashion with a happy ending and catch musical number. Hopefully the students and those at home watching learn that it’s ok if you don’t fit in someone else’s box and that the world won’t end if you develop a love for something other than the interests that you had before.

I enjoyed this movie after all this time, but my enjoyment was mostly nostalgia driven with memories of a simpler time during my childhood. If I had watched it for the first time, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. The magic has faded since my tweenie-bopper years, and the acting leaves something to be desired in some places. The songs are still fun and as catchy as ever, and the choreography is fantastic especially for Stick to the Status Quo and We’re All in This Together. If this movie was a huge part of your childhood, you’ll enjoy seeing it again. If you’ve never seen it, you’re not missing out on anything. High School Musical is now streaming on Disney Plus.

Summer’s in. School’s out! No more homework. No more musicals and no more drama. Or so the Wildcats thought.

Troy (Zac Efron) is offered a job at Lava Springs Country Club owned by Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) and Sharpay’s (Ashley Tisdale) parents and manages to get jobs for the rest of his class. This is to the dismay and outrage of Sharpay who will stop at nothing to break Troy and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) up so that she can have him for herself.

She sets up Troy on the fast track to a future as a college basketball superstar, but it could end up costing him everything that’s actually important.

This sequel is fun and even better than the original when it comes to the acting. The songs are great except for Sharpay and Ryan’s duet, humu humu nuku nuku apua’a, which is one of the most painful scenes I’ve ever sat through! It’s so stupid! I Don’t Dance and Bet On It are my favorites, and Bet on it always makes me want to dramatically dance on a golf course.
Ryan’s character development is the best in the movie. I love how he’s his own person and not not Sharpay’s follower anymore.
I rated this one lower than the last based on my overall enjoyment of the movie, but it’s better than the original quality-wise. The cast managed to Work It Out, and it resulted in a fun Summer musical.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year: Bigger screen, bigger budget, bigger musical numbers. This movie came out on my 13th birthday, and my parents took me to see it. I was probably the oldest kid in the theater. The rest were somewhere between 6-10. They screamed when Troy (Zac Efron) first came on screen, and there was a row of little girls who wouldn’t shut up during the entire movie! Regardless, it was one of the best nights ever!

The Wildcats are about to graduate and amid making plans for the future, there’s always time for one last musical. This time about their senior year because living through it once isn’t enough!

Troy and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) have some big choices to make, and a scholarship program could split them apart sooner than planned. Meanwhile, Troy is torn between choosing basketball or theater. It’s enough pressure to make one Scream! As always, everything works itself out in the end with a big musical number to tie everything up with a bow.

It’s the best of the trilogy. It also has the best soundtrack out of all of them. Scream and the Boys Are Back are my favorites. High School Musical was a big part of my early teens, and it was fun to rewatch. It’s hard to believe this movie came out almost 14 years ago! I feel old. (No comments, Mom or Aunt Crystal!) The entire trilogy is available to stream on Disney Plus.