What About Bob?

If Pinky and the Brain was ever turned into a live-action show, it’d be What About Bob?

Neurotic Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) is a hypochondriac who’s scared of his own shadow and can’t leave his house without chanting a mantra of “I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful.”
His case gets handed off to Dr. Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss right before he’s set to go on vacation with his family. At their first appointment, he hands a copy of his best-selling book, Baby Steps, about breaking down big things into small things in order to mentally and emotionally handle life. Its methods are something that Bob immediately takes to heart. He also forms an immediate emotional bond with his new therapist leading him to take baby steps to follow Dr. Marvin and his family on vacation. Bob’s actions drive the doctor to insanity and could potentially lead to explosive consequences for them both.
What About Bob? is a laugh out loud funny movie and one of Bill Murray’s best where surprisingly you learn there’s more in his acting wheelhouse than the ability to play insufferable jerks. Like in a certain Christmas film that is best left nameless. What About Bob? is a great enough movie,and outside of a couple strings of Tourette’s inspired expletives, is nearly enough to make me forget the aforementioned nameless Christmas disaster. Colorful expletives your young children will learn include dickhead, son of a bitch, numbnuts, and shit for brains among others. And if your little angels ever tell you to burn in hell, you’ll know from what movie they got it from.

They’re Pinky and the Brain
Yes, Pinky and the Brain
One is a genius
The other’s insane.

What About Bob explores the question of the above lyrics. The answer may surprise you. You can can buy or rent What About Bob from any online retailer.

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2¢ After Dark Gone Sour: Scrooged

That’s an hour and forty-six minutes of my life that I’m never getting back. Ever.

Mean-spirited TV executive Frank Cross (Bill Murray) is a modern-day Scrooge (Well, modern for 1988 anyway). He fires someone over a disagreement and treats his assistant and everyone around him like crap. He needs a visit from his dead, disintegrating boss and three ghosts to straighten him out.
Good news: I have a new least favorite movie! Bad news: I had to watch this to find out it was my least favorite movie. Scrooged is mean-spirited, crude, crass, unfunny, to borrow a word from the movie, bleak, heartless, and soulless garbage. It’s a boring trainwreck. The writers were probably higher than a fricking kite. Nothing can save this dismal disaster of a film. I’ve had colonoscopies more fun! But I do have a favorite part: The credits!
The movie is long and the lead is completely unlikable. Language includes words like bitch, shit, damn, and several misuses of God’s name, four times paired with damn along with several other off-color words. Other unnecessary elements include scantily-clad dancers and a woman making photocopies of her butt to pass around the office Christmas party. Frank’s girlfriend is seen in the bathtub, but nothing too personal is shown. She gives him a copy of the Kama Sutra and they flip through it. There’s honestly too many issues to list on Instagram. You’re better off watching something else. Something wholesome like The Santa Clause, Elf, or Arthur Christmas. Anything but this.

What the bleep was that?!

Live Action Trash: Garfield

With the news about Chris Pratt being the new voice of Garfield making the rounds, I decided to watch Garfield (2004) I had never seen it in its entirety before. Turns out I didn’t miss anything. Up til now, I’d dodged a furry orange bullet!
After a visit with Liz the vet (Jeniffer Love Hewitt), Jon (Breckin Meyer) brings Odie home much to the dismay of Garfield (Bill Murray) Garfield kicks Odie out, and he runs away. Now it’s up to Garfield to rescue him after being dog-napped by TV personality Happy Chapman (Stephen Tobolowsky).

The movie is long and mostly boring with a few laughs sprinkled in the meow mix. Bill Murray is the saving grace of this of entire movie. Those two stars you see on the graphic for him and him only. This movie wouldn’t be worthy of a cat’s litter box! Hopefully the new animated movie from Sony will be more entertaining.

I remember this movie being better as a kid. Or maybe I hadn’t developed good taste in movies yet. Garfield was apparently sooooo successful that the powers that be decided that a sequel was necessary. (Spoiler Alert! It wasn’t!)
This time Garfield, Jon, and Odie are off to England where Garfield gets mistaken for Prince (Tim Currey), a royal cat, and gets a chance to live the high life. Prince gets a shot at the life of a commoner. Prince and Garfield have to team up to take down Lord Dargis (Billy Connolly) from taking over Carlyle Castle, Prince’s estate.
The sequel is only slightly better than the original, but not by much. It’s funnier than the original so that’s something. I guess. It’s worse than I remember. Thank God, there were only two of them!