2¢ Adventures in Odyssey Project #1 The Adventure Begins

Adventures in Odyssey has been on the air since 1987 and nearly 35 years later is still going strong. It’s been a favorite show of mine since I was 8. I listened everyday for a long time and could never get enough of it. I’ve wanted to listen to every episode starting from the beginning for a while. 2022 seemed as good a time as any. The show has everything you cou could ever want storytelling-wise from comedy to drama and exciting sagas like Novacom and The Green Ring Conspiracy. I plan to cover it all starting this year and into the next. There’s a lot of ground to cover so won’t you join me on my side of the radio for an Adventure in Odyssey?

It’s been many years since I last listened to the first episodes. It was a trip down memory lane for sure! I liked Whit’s Flop a lot more than I remembered. It’s message about not being afraid to fail really hit home for me. Recollections has always been a favorite since the first time I heard it. That hasn’t changed. Jenny Whitikar dying still makes me cry as much as it did back then. There were some episodes I loved in the past that while still good are no longer my favorite like The Life of the Party. For some reason or other I remember that being a favorite of mine as a kid. It’s not anymore though listening to Will Ryan 💔 play any character is always a highlight.

Gifts for Madge and Guy is as charming as ever. Chris and Will made a great pair in that episode. ♥️

This album also introduced one of my favorite characters, Connie Kendall. The eternal teenager played by Katie Leigh. It’s been so long since I’ve heard Connie Comes to Town. I’m excited to be back at the beginning of her story and the beginning of her faith journey.

This was great to listen to again! Overall, I’d rate this album a 4/5. There’s a bunch of great episodes in here. It was fun hearing Hal Smith and Walker Edmiston’s voices after so many years. Odyssey meant so much to me as a kid and I’m excited to review the entire series.

All themes and summaries are taken from The Adventures in Odyssey Guide 2008 Edition.