2¢ After Dark, 2¢ Christmas

2¢ After Dark: Spirited

Is anyone truly unredeemable? That’s the question Spirited attempts to answer.

Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds FINALLY star in a movie together where they play the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Scrooge-like Clint respectively in this modern day take on the Classic story, A Christmas Carol.

Present is faced with retirement but pushes it off to go another round at this redeeming business choosing Unredeemable Clint as the next perp in need of redemption. Clint believes nobody can change. Present would like to prove him wrong and in the process do a little more by creating a redemption ripple effect big enough to have a global impact. But it’s hard to convince someone they can change when Present still considers himself Unredeemable even after two centuries of making up for his past. The two guys become unlikely friends and help each other where they need it most and in the end they end up providing each other’s redemption.

Spirited is a beautiful story full of flaws of the unnecessary language variety. Language includes damn, shit, bullshit, bitch, dick, and ass, along with many others. But this time, I did not care. At. All. This movie had something that the language-filled Scrooged did not: heart and soul. Plus a lot of really catchy musical numbers. Good Afternoon is my favorite! It was overflowing with the theme of redemption which is what Christmas is really about: God loving us so much that he sent Jesus to die so that he could redeem us from our sin.

The movie ended in a way I didn’t expect, but that doesn’t mean I loved it any less. It’s one of the most original movies I’ve watched in a long time. You can stream Spirited now on Apple TV. And if it doesn’t come out on DVD, I’ll be wishing Apple a Good Afternoon!


Yes Day and The Adam Project

Once upon a time Alison (Jennifer Garner) and Carlos (Edgar Ramirez) always said yes to everything. But now that they’re parents, they’re always saying no. After discovering that her kids consider her a dictator as bad as Hitler and Mussolini, Alison agrees to a Yes Day, 24 hours of the kids calling the shots with a few ground rules in place. What could possibly go wrong?

This movie is funny and a ton of fun! Jennifer Garner is perfect in the mom role. A perfect family comedy and a sequel is on the way! Stream it now on Netflix!

After stealing a jet and being shot down in 2022, time traveler Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) meets his twelve year old self, and they have to go back in time to convince their dad (Mark Ruffalo) to uninvent time travel to save their world as they know it. If anything goes wrong, Adam could be erased from the timeline. No pressure!

Ryan Reynolds is his usual snarky, sarcastic self which is part of what makes the movie so enjoyable. It’s a sci-fi adventure with a Back to the Future vibe that could almost pass for a Marvel movie. Hulk is married to Elektra and is Deadpool’s dad. Deadpool grows up and marries Gamora. The Adam Project could easily be a Marvel fanfic when described like that! Oh, and Hulk invents time travel like in Endgame. Practically a Marvel rip-off! 😂
The movie was enjoyable, funny, and very emotional at times with both versions of Adam coming to terms with his father’s death. This could almost pass for a family movie if it wasn’t for the language and the few adult references. I had a good time watching this. It’s a standalone movie, though I wouldn’t mind a sequel! Stream it now on Netflix!