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2¢ After Dark: Ghostbusters Vol. 2: Ghostbusters: Afterlife

After being evicted, Callie (Carrie Coon) and her two kids, Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and Phoebe (McKenna Grace) move to Oklahoma and into the old, broken-down farmhouse that belonged to Callie’s father, a man that the community thought was crazy. While there, the kids discover connections to the original Ghostbusters, including a personal connection and try to become Ghostbusters themselves to stop Gozer from being resurrected and completely destroying the town.
PS. To whoever cast Paul Rudd as Mr. Grooberson, the science teacher, thank you for doing the Lord’s work.
This movie is a lot of fun! It was a great continuation of the franchise while being a love letter to original Ghostbusters fans at the same time. The action scenes are a bit darker and the special effects are obviously improved from the 80s. The content issues aren’t any different then they were in the original like language including damn, hell, ass, shit, and several misuses of God’s name. There’s also a few suggestive references and scary images. The action and monster-packed third act is what pushes this movie into 2¢ After Dark territory. I think the scenes featuring Gozer and the demon possession of two characters were a bit darker than in the original. This movie was so good and surprisingly emotional. A Ghostbusters sequel was the last thing I expected to make me cry. This is a legacy sequel done right in every way possible! You can stream Ghostbusters on Starz or get it from Redbox.

2¢ After Dark, Two Cent Halloween

2¢ After Dark Only Murders in Building and Good Omens Season 1

Three strangers, Mabel (Selena Gomez), Charles (Steve Martin), and Oliver (Martin Short) meet after Tim Kono is murdered in their apartment building. They bond over their shared love of True Crime podcasts and decide to start their own, Only Murders in the Building, documenting their mission to solve the mystery behind Tim’s untimely demise. And since Tim was the least liked neighbor at the Arconia, anyone could be a suspect! And the murderer is the last person you’d expect! And that ending… well my mouth hit the floor!

This show was really enjoyable! It starts a bit slow but is full of twists and turns I never saw coming! The main trio are awesome together. There’s great chemistry between them. There’s also a bunch of great comedic moments which is great especially since two of the leads are professional comedians. It’ll be enjoyable for those, like me, who grew up watching Selena on Wizards of Waverley Place. Mabel is Alex Russo as an adult.

The MA rating in this case just means they can swear more. A lot more. Including frequent use of the F-bomb. All the usual PG-13 favorites are here as well like shit and damn just used with greater frequency. There are several misuses of God’s name. You see the gun wound in Tim’s head, and for Conservative Christians, episode seven centers around the lesbian security guard. Other than that there aren’t any other moral issues to navigate. This is 2¢ After Dark title meant for adults only. This review is for season 1. You can steam both seasons on Hulu and there’s a third on the way. PS. This is my all-time favorite layout I’ve ever made! I made it over a year ago, and I finally get to use it! Yay!

The Great Plan is ineffable…or is it?

The Angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and Demon Crowley (David Tennant) have become entirely too comfortable with their lives on Earth so when they’re summoned to help bring about the End Times naturally they’re reluctant to do so.
Together they come up with their own plan to put a stop to the upcoming Armageddon including influencing the antichrist to be neither good or evil in the hopes that he won’t trigger the Ultimate End. The unlikely friends and ultimate odd couple team up with the eleven year old antichrist to stop Heaven and Hell from having the War to end all Wars.
Based off the book of the same name by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, the show is a true adaptation of the book that includes fun extras that would’ve been included in a Good Omens sequel had it actually been written.
David Tennant and Michael Sheen are a match made in Heaven with equally unmatched chemistry making Good Omens Highly Enjoyable to watch. I suppose if I was a good Christian I would denounce the show for being sacrilegious garbage and stay away from it. However, unfortunately for me I’ve got a love for twisted fantasy tales and enjoyed the show immensely. There’s a lot about the show I could talk about and someday soon I will when I have more time to do so. All I can say for now is that it’s fiction. Fantasy. It doesn’t try to be Gospel Truth and is perfectly aware of what it is: Satirical fantasy. If you take it as Gospel truth, that’s on you. You’re going to have to follow your own convictions on this one. It’s an interesting character study if nothing else: A demon who isn’t all bad and an Angel who isn’t all good. I find that fascinating.

The show’s got some language. Shit is used frequently along with various uses of damn and hell. God’s name is misused and there are surprisingly only 3 F-Bombs. There’s also a sex scene. You see nothing of importance. It’s one hell of a ride! You can stream it now on Amazon Prime. And I’m looking forward to Season Two premiering next Summer and fingers crossed for a Season Three.

2¢ After Dark, Two Cent Halloween

2¢ After Dark: Moonknight and Werewolf By Night Reviews

Ulysses Bloodstone has died. His death brings the monster hunters together to pay their last respects and for one last hunt to see who will inherit the blood stone and the supernatural power it grants to the one who possesses it. It’ll be a hunt to the death, a bloody one at that, and what the hunters don’t know is that there’s already a monster in their midst.

This is Marvel’s second official foray into the horror genre after Multiverse of Madness and dipping its toes in the shallow end with WandaVision. I normally stay as far away from the genre. It’s not my thing. No thank you. I don’t do scary movies. But Marvel’s expansion into the supernatural and Monsterverse have made it impossible to stay away completely.
Gael Garcia Bernal shines bright as Jack Russell/Werewolf By Night, and I need to see more of this character and actor immediately. I loved the relationship he had with Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly) and need to see more of that as well. Does it turn romantic? I need to know! And I need to know now!

This special is in black and white, paying homage to horror movies of the 30s and 40s. It’s creepy and dark. Violent and bloody. More bloody than is typical of the MCU while still managing to stay within the confines of a TV-14 rating. There’s violent action scenes. A ritual involving the bloodstone and an incantation is performed to force Jack to turn into a werewolf before the full moon, and then the violence gets turned up a couple notches. It’s bloody. There’s blood spatters on the walls and dripping on the camera lens. Jack bites a guard’s ear off. Blood gushes. Someone loses their head. A couple of people get incinerated by Man-Thing who makes an impressive cameo appearance. I grimaced. My mouth dropped open. I didn’t keep a straight face for most of the 54-minute special. If it had been in color instead of black and white, I wouldn’t have been able to watch. It’s too bad my mom wasn’t here to see it. And despite all that, I enjoyed it. A lot. I wish it’d been a little darker, but then it would’ve earned a TV-MA rating. The only crime I thought this special committed was that it was too short! Congratulations, Marvel, you got me on board with monsters! Normally, I wouldn’t say Marvel isn’t for kids anyway, but this special is especially not. This bit of fun is for the teens and adults. I look forward to seeing these characters again and to seeing what else Marvel can achieve through their Special Presentations. You can stream Werewolf By Night on Disney Plus.

Steven Grant (Oscar Issac) lives a simple life as a clerk in an Egyptian History Museum gift shop. Strange unexplainable things start to happen like hearing voices and blacking out and waking up surrounded by dead bodies with no idea what happened. He discovers that he has Dissociative Identity Disorder and is the host body of Mark Spector and also the avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu serving justice as the deity sees fit as his Moon Knight
Mark and Steven must learn to work together along with Mark’s wife Layla (May Calamawy)to save the world from Ammit’s version of justice by defeating the goddess her and her avatar Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). Mark and Steven learn more about their origin in the process. PS. It’s heartbreaking.

This show was awesome and my second favorite MCU show behind WandaVision. It’s the most violent MCU show to date and it’s darkest pushing the boundaries of a TV-14 Rating. It’s super fun if you’re into Egyptian mythology and religion. It’s really violent. People get shot and stabbed. There’s hand to hand combat. It’s bloody and you get to watch someone being mummified alive and having an organ removed (I felt a little queasy). There’s a bunch of language with Shit being heard the most along with hell, damn, misuses of God’s name and a partial f-bomb.

As a Christian, I came away from the series with a sense of thankfulness that God doesn’t handle justice the way that the Egyptian gods do. That the God we serve is merciful when we don’t deserve it while the Egyptian ones are cutthroat and ruthless. For example Ammit hands out justice before a crime is ever committed. I’m so glad God isn’t like that or we’d all be in trouble! There’s a devotional in there somewhere I think I’ll write one.

The Supernatural side of the MCU is being built out nicely and I can’t wait to see what’s next! I’d love to see a season 2 in the future. You can stream it now on Disney Plus.

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Shrek 1-4 Reviews

Shrek is technically not a Halloween movie, but it’s about a grumpy ogre who lives in a swamp so I’m going with it!

Shrek (Mike Myers) who prefers to live alone in his swamp, finds several unwelcome fairy tale creatures at his front step who thanks to Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) have been evicted from their homes. Shrek, along with his new pesky, talkative sidekick Donkey (Eddie Murphy), make a deal with him: Rescue Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) and bring her to him to marry so he can become King, and Shrek will get his swamp back. Sounds easier said than done especially since the Princess is hiding a secret of her own. As Shrek’s tagline says: This is the greatest fairy tale never told.

I enjoyed Shrek a lot more this time around than I did the last time I watched it. It’s so funny, especially every time Donkey opens his mouth! Eddie Murphy steals the whole show! It’s also a fun, creative story overall. Although as fun as Shrek can be, it’s hard to believe this is a children’s movie, though that’s the audience it’s intended for! There’s several curse-words like damn, Jackass, and kiss-ass. It’s surprising for what’s supposed to be a family movie. I wouldn’t sit young children in front of this one unless you want their vocabulary to expand in a more colorful direction. You can stream Shrek now on NBC’s streaming service Peacock. It’s available for free if you have Xfinity.

Now married, Shrek (Mike Myers) and Fiona (Cameron Diaz) have been invited by Fiona’s parents, King Harold (John Cleese) and Queen Lilian (Julie Andrews) to Far Far Away to celebrate their marriage. When it’s discovered that Shrek is an ogre, the king schemes with Prince Charming (Rupert Everett) and Fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders) to break Shrek and Fiona’s marriage up so that she will marry Prince Charming instead.

Shrek will do anything to stay married to Fiona. Even if it means becoming a human and staying that way…permanently.

This romance-focused sequel is a strong follow-up to the original. There’s no sequel slump here! It’s even better than the original since there’s none of the language that was in the first. I always love hearing Julie Andrews in things, and Antonio Banderas steals every scene he’s in as Puss in Boots. This movie is far less problematic than the original. There’s only one use of ass and it’s used in context not as a swear. And Pinocchio lies about wearing girls underwear Other than that, It’s more suitable for families than the original ever was. You can stream Shrek 2 now on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service.

King Harold (John Cleese) dies leaving Shrek (Mike Myers) the reluctant heir to the throne. Knowing the life of a Royal isn’t for him, he sets off with Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) to find the next in line, Arthur (Justin Timberlake). He leaves a pregnant Fiona (Cameron Diaz) to fend off a coup from Prince Charming (Rupert Everett) who’s rallied the villains of Far Far Away to fight for their version of a Happy Ending.
Shrek the Third has always been my favorite of the franchise. It’s also the most family friendly with zero bad language! Too bad the first two couldn’t be like this one. This movie also plays around with the Freaky Friday concept when Donkey and Puss switch bodies with funny results. I love how it mixes Disney fairytales with a bit of King Arthur mythology. It’s very enjoyable. You can rent it from online retailers or borrow it from the library.

All good things must come to an end.

In this Final Chapter, Shrek (Mike Myers) is having a mid-life crisis. He longs for the days where he was a single and scary ogre instead of a married sideshow freak who can’t ever take a mud bath in peace. Enter Rumplestiltskin (Walt Dohrn). He’s always wanted to rule Far Far Away and seizes his chance at the first opportunity. He convinces Shrek to make a deal: One day as a care-free ogre in exchange for one of Shrek’s memories. Shrek agrees and Rumple takes the memory of when Shrek was born giving him 24 hours before disappearing from existence forever. The only way to break the deal is True Love’s Kiss. The only problem with that is that Fiona (Cameron Diaz) doesn’t remember him. Shrek only has 24 hours to make her fall in love with him again. No pressure!

They saved the best for last! This was the strongest Shrek sequel yet. It’s darker and a bit more mature in tone than it’s predecessor. Some of the scenes can be a little intense, especially for young children. It’s got some good action and comedic moments. And the romance storyline is great with a good lesson on being grateful for the life you have in the present instead of wishing for the life you had in the past. Best part yet is that there’s zero language. You can rent Shrek Forever After from online retailers or borrow it from the library.

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2¢ After Dark: The Mask and Hotel Transylvania 4

After his rental car breaks down, shy bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) finds a mysterious mask one night floating in the sea. He tries it on when he gets home and the mask transforms him into a cartoony superhero, complete with animated antics, and brings his inner personality including newfound confidence and romantic side to the surface. He has two simple goals for using his newly acquired powers: To put a stop to the gangsters robbing the bank and win over the girl of dreams, lounge singer Tina Carlyle (Cameron Diaz).

It’s ironic that in real life, people wear masks to obscure who they are, but in the movie, the mask brings out the best in Stanley while bringing out the worst in the main gangster, Dorian (Peter Greene).

Jim Carrey brings his A-game and his trademark animated physical comedy as the titular character of The Mask and in my opinion is one of his best performances. You can even hear and see a bit of what he would bring to another well-known green character years later. Hint: He hates Christmas!

The Mask is funny and a ton of fun, but isn’t meant for kids. Language is frequent including such classics as damn, what the hell, son of a bitch, and several misuses of God’s name. There’s also a lot of gun violence, some for comedic reasons, and some with the intention of hurting certain characters. Whoever wears the mask can be shot at and not permanently hurt or killed. This might give kids the wrong impression. There’s a little bit of innuendo as well. This movie is fine for teens and adults, but parents will want to wait until younger kids are older for them to watch. You can stream it til the end of this month on Tubi or rent it on Amazon.

All good things must unfortunately come to an end.

Dracula (Brian Hull) is planning on retiring and giving the hotel to Johnny (Andy Samberg) and Mavis (Selena Gomez) but changes his mind when Johhny starts listing all the changes he’ll make to the hotel. To make matters worse, he lies about his reasons for changing his mind, Johnny goes to Van Helsing (Jim Gaffigan) for help. He wants to become a monster so that he can keep the hotel and fit in with the rest of Mavis’s family. His wish is granted, but it comes with a price: becoming a crazed, mindless beast forever. Due to the magic crystal backfiring, the monsters become humans. “It’s like Freaky Friday, but on a Tuesday though!” They have a limited amount of time to fix things before their Freaky Friday on a Tuesday becomes permanent.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania was a great end to one of my favorite movie series. It’s so much fun! The Freaky Friday plot is perfect for animation. Brian Hull replaces Adam Sandler and is so good I can’t tell the difference! It’s too bad there won’t be any more Hotel Transylvania movies. I think they could easily keep the franchise, but four is a good place to stop. At least they ended on a high note. You can stream it now on Amazon Prime.

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Scooby-Doo Vol. 2

Looking for more than unmasking fake ghosts, the Mystery Inc. gang breaks up and goes their separate way choosing new career paths for themselves. Daphne (Mary Kay Bergman) is now a reporter on the hunt for real ghosts for her TV show. Fred (Frank Welker) gets the gang back together for Daphne’s birthday. They take a road trip to Louisiana for actual ghost hunting. They wind up on Moonscar Island where they find more real ghosts than they imagined!

Zombie Island was great! It’s the most fun I’ve had watching a Scooby-Doo movie in a long time. It has some good action and comedy. It’s actually pretty dark and scary for an animated Scooby-Doo movie. There’s cat gods, characters are controlled by voodoo dolls, and other scary images. This movie might be darker than what some families are willing to tolerate especially for a movie intended for children. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone under the age of 12. It’s a good scary movie for older kids. You can rent it on iTunes or borrow it from the library. Yes, they still exist.

After Shaggy’s (Casey Kasem) Uncle Beaureguard dies, Shaggy, along witScooby and Scrappy (Don Messick for both), travel to his mansion to collect his inheritance. They soon discover the plantation is haunted by a Confederate soldier ghost and call the local ghost exterminators, The Boo Brothers for a little Supernatural assistance.

This wasn’t my favorite Scooby-Doo movie. I found it boring to be honest. There were some scenes that I found enjoyable. The Boo Brothers were entertaining. They were heavily influenced by the Three Stooges. I always love hearing Rob Paulsen’s voice in anything. He’s one of my favorite voice actors. There’s nothing wrong with the movie from a moral standpoint except the one girl character is dressed immodestly. This might bother some parents. I just didn’t like this one as much as I like some others. You can rent or borrow it from online retailers and libraries. Maybe you’ll like it better than I did.

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Halloween DCOMS Vol. 1 Twitches and Smart House Reviews

Alex (Tia Mowry) and Camryn (Tamera Mowry) are twin witches separated at birth for their own protection against the Darkness. They’re adopted by two different families, and through a little magical interference from their protectors, are reunited on their 21st birthday. They discover they have magical powers that are stronger when used at the same time. They must work together to save their homeland Coventry and themselves from the Darkness before it destroys everything and everyone they love.

I enjoyed this movie. It’s one Disney Channel’s better originals. Tia and Tamera are awesome together as always. This is basically Sister Sister with magical powers. They even meet at a clothing store like they did in Sister Sister.

Families are going to find the witchcraft in the story hard to navigate. Some are going to find it harder than others. Some will understandably want to avoid it altogether. Others aren’t going to be bothered by it. The magic involved is Bewitched level effects, though in my opinion, Bewitched did it better in the 60s than Twitches did in the 2000’s. The Darkness is meant to be scary and it has its moments, but I’ve watched Doctor Who episodes that were scarier in comparison. In the end, every family has to decide what’s best for them to watch.

SPOILER ALERT The Darkness is actually the twins’s evil Uncle who’s jealous that his brother had everything that he felt that he deserved. Together the twins use a combination of love and light to defeat him. There’s a great message about light and love being needed to defeat the darkness, but some families aren’t going to want to watch Twitches in order to get to the good message at the end. You can it now on Disney Plus.

In 1999, Disney Channel released a little sci-fi/fantasy movie called Smart House not knowing that in 2022 automated homes would be a reality. This concept was considered futuristic and probably impossible back in the 90s. A bit far-fetched for people to comprehend. Something you’d find in the Jetsons rather than something you would find in real life. Naturally, this isn’t a Halloween movie either, but it’s sci-fi, and even though it’s a bit outdated, I’m counting it!
Ben (Ryan Merriman) wins a completely automated Smart House run by an operating system known as PAT (Katey Segal). He hopes that this will deter his widowed father from marrying again since PAT will prove to be all the wife and mother that they need. He even programs her to act like a sitcom mom from the fifties. Things seem to be fine until PAT develops a mind of her own and tries to completely take over the Coopers’ lives.

Smart House was fun! An outdated concept, but still worth watching. It’s hard to believe that this is a Disney Channel Original movie. There’s no magic and it’s not a musical. This is one of the best DCOMs I’ve watched. It’s a fun story but also deals with a more serious topic. In this case it’s a teenager dealing with the loss of his mom, and his selfishness toward his dad for wanting to find love again. It makes me want to watch more older DCOMs. You can stream Smart House now on Disney Plus.

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2¢ After Dark: The Mummy and Men in Black

Based on the Marvel comics of the same name, Men in Black is a secret government operation that takes care of alien threats to the world and Galaxy at large. Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) has been charged with finding a new recruit for the Men in Black. NYPD officer James Edwards (Will Smith) is the lucky man chosen for the job. Agents K and J must work together to stop an alien from the Bug race from stealing an entire Galaxy used as a super energy source.

Men in Black is a fun sci-fi action comedy. It’s also one of my favorite Will Smith performances. It’s got some great action and funny moments. There’s some typical sci-fi related violence. A couple people are hurt or killed by aliens. The main villain wears his victim as a skin suit. The language is quite excessive for a rated PG-13 movie which is why I knocked half a star off the rating. Words include various uses of hell, ass, and shit. God’s name is misused and is paired at least three times with damn. Various other language is also used throughout. There’s some sexual innuendo. Unless you want to expand your kids’ vocabulary in a more colorful direction, I don’t recommend this movie for them. It’s better suited for teens and adults. You can stream Men in Black on Netflix.

Let’s get this out of the way. If a review is marked 2¢ After Dark, it is NOT for kids. These titles will be rated: PG-13, TV-14, R, and TV-MA.

Once upon a time High Priest Imhotep couldn’t keep his hands to himself, touched the Pharaoh’s scantily clad mistress and paid the price by being cursed, mummified, and buried alive to be eaten by scarabs. Fast forward to 1926, librarian Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) and her brother Jonathan (John Hannah) rescue adventurer Rick O’Connell (Brenden Fraser) from death and team up to travel to the lost city of Hamunaptra where they accidentally resurrect Imhotep’s mummy. The mummy causes complete chaos including revisiting the ten plagues of Egypt in his mission to resurrect Anck Su Namun, and he’ll need a human sacrifice to do it.

As someone who enjoys Egyptian history and mythology, I absolutely love this movie! It’s also an amazing action movie. It’s fast-paced and action-packed from beginning to end. Some scenes can be dark and intense, but everything ends well. There are many content issues especially for Christians, but everything included like the violence, suicide, murder, and Egyptian mysticism contribute to the overall story and everything has its place within context of the story. Language including hell, damn, and ass, along with a few others like bastard and several misuses of God and Jesus’s names occur sporadically throughout the movie. The language in this movie was infrequent compared with Men in Black, and I found it refreshing. You can stream it on Hulu if you have a premium subscription.

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Halloween Random Picks Vol. 2

Produced and directed by the team behind The Nightmare Before Christmas, James the Giant Peach is based on the book of the same name by Roald Dahl.

After James’s (Paul Terry) parents die, via rhino (totally makes sense!), he’s sent to live with his abusive aunts. After acquiring boiled magical crocodile tongues from a complete stranger and acting like that’s totally normal, James drops them, after being explicitly told not, to, and crocodile scatter everywhere causing a nearby peach to grow to gigantic proportions. One night, he crawls inside the giant peach where he meets several new bug friends, including the spider he was kind to, and the unlikely group of friends travel to New York City. In the end, he manages to escape his horrible aunts and the bugs officially adopt him and raise him as their own because that’s not strange at all!

This movie is fun once you leave the dark live-action world for the animated one. Some of the songs are pretty good. I remember liking this movie a lot more when I was a kid. This movie vastly pales in comparison to The Nightmare Before Christmas which I prefer over this. There’s one use of the word ass and one innuendo. This movie is not necessarily a Halloween movie but is creepy and trademark Tim Burton odd enough for it to to included in the Halloween collection on Disney Plus.

Another day, another not-so-scary Halloween pick. This time for Disney’s 2003 remake of Freaky Friday. Body swaps count because I said so! I review (for the most part) family-friendly fare. If you’re looking for something more hardcore, you’ve come to the wrong account!

You’ve heard about walking in another’s shoes, but what if you could walk around in another person’s body?
Mother and daughter duo Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Anna (Lindsay Lohan) don’t see eye to eye. At all. Neither takes the time to understand where the other is coming from or even tries to. Things really fall apart when Anna wants to audition for Wango Tango with her friends, but the audition takes place on the same day as Tess’s wedding rehearsal dinner. A well-meaning Chinese woman interferes and gives them a fortune cookie, that once eaten, body swaps them indefinitely. They must learn to love each other selflessly before they’re allowed to switch back, and due to Tess’s wedding being the next day, they have 24 hours to figure things out. No pressure!
This movie is hysterical! I haven’t watched it in years and forgotten how funny it was. It’s one of the best. I shouldn’t have waited so long to rewatch it! A PG movie has PG issues including the misuse of God’s name, immodest outfits, and occasional language. This movie is fun for the whole family especially if you have older kids. You can stream it now on Disney Plus.

Susan Murphy (Reese Witherspoon) gets hit by a meteor on her wedding day transforming her into a giant. Considered to be a threat by the government, she’s taken to Area 51 and locked away with the rest of the monsters. Soon after being imprisoned, the government decides to use their monsters to defeat an alien hell-bent on destroying Earth in what is obviously one of Dreamworks’s more realistic plots.

This movie isn’t the best that Dreamworks has to offer, but it’s fun. The characters are great and probably the best part of the whole thing. If you’ve ever wondered what House MD. sounds like as a mad scientist cockroach, or what Dwight Shrute sounds like as an evil alien, now’s your chance! The story is crazy but entertaining. This could’ve had franchise potential, but unfortunately Dreamworks, go that route. A sequel could’ve been good. It has a bit of adult humor and PG substitutes for swear words. Other than that, content-wise it’s fine. Rent it online, or borrow it from the library.

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Steven Spielberg Vol. 1

Billionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) has figured out a way to bring dinosaurs back to life and opens Jurassic Park inviting several scientists, a mathematician, along with his two grandchildren to be the first to explore the new theme park. When an employee tries to steal dinosaur embryos and make a run for it, it forces management to shut down the park system making it easy for the Dinosaurs to escape,turning the park experience into a game of survival, and not everyone makes it out alive!
The original Jurassic Park is one of the best movies ever made. It was a game-changer for the movie industry at large due to the technological advancements that made CGI animation possible, and the CGI still manages to put some modern-day productions to shame. It’s impressive and life-like, especially for something made in the 90s!
Jurassic Park is a fun, action-packed movie, a fun story paired with an epic score from John Williams, but it isn’t without its issues. This movie can be dark and scary and isn’t meant for young kids. You see people get eaten, severed limbs, and blood. There’s some language including Damn, what the hell, shit (once used in context), son of a bitch, and God’s name is misused several times, once paired with damnit. This movie is just fine for an older audience, but most parents will want to hold off until the kids are older for this one.

Favorite Quote: “Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Dr. Ian Malcolm

Elliot (Henry Thomas) befriends an alien left stranded on Earth after being forgotten by his family. Elliot enlists the help of his siblings to keep E.T. a secret from their mom while the kids work together to find a way to get their new alien friend home. Unbeknownst to them, the government is spying on them trying to figure out what is going on.
Unfortunately having any kind of relationship with an alien comes with complications. Elliot has formed an emotional bond with ET that makes him feel everything that he feels. This connection results in a life-or-death crisis that requires government intervention to resolve. It takes nothing short of a miracle to escape the government and return E.T. home safely.

This was surprisingly one of my favorite movies as a kid. I had uncontrollable anxiety and hated all things sci-fi except E.T. for some reason. Even though when though the astronauts and E.T. dying were scary and sad for me to watch I still enjoyed it. My love for this movie never made sense to me, and it’s still one of my all-time favorite movies to this day. It’s a wonderful emotional story paired once again with an epic score by John Williams.
There’s some language throughout. All the usual suspects are accounted for including shit, dammit, hell, son of a bitch, several misses of God’s name, douchebag, and Penis Breath. Some scenes might be too scary for young children. Despite these couple issues, E.T. is a great family movie. They don’t make movies this good anymore sadly. You can stream it on Peacock, NBC’s Streaming service. It’s free if you have Xfinity.